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Wheesung – Vocalate


Credit: urnobody919 @ youtube

ADORE THE SONG OMFG. i love it and the part where he does that thing with his mouth haha idk what it’s called. Sorta like humming ? idk it sounds really nice with his voice. This album has a total of 12 tracks. His comeback stage is on the 9th so watch out !

My review of the full album under :

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Laugh of the day – Hongki does SNSD’s Genie (Fancam)


Credit: raine210 @ youtube

Turn the volume up first cause you can barely hear em.

Hongki’s in the white pants with the long blonde hair. Lmao he should stick to singing. period.  But then again, this reminds me a lot of my own dancing.

He’s doing his own thing and it’s crackin me up !!!!! You cna see the front people pick it up really quick but he’s having the toughest time ever. And he’s in heels lmao =) What the hell was that at 1 : 23 LOLLLLL <3 According to my smartness, i’m sure that was not part of the acual dance.

Oh boy they sure need a lot more training.


091008 M! Countdown


Bada – Sometimes I find her looking like me only way older lol. She looks pretty, she’s not slathering on layers of makeup. It’s a pity Taec couldn’t join her ); I love this song too, and she looks good. I like her english too lol, it might not be perfect but I can understand some of it =)

4Minute – The song hasn’t been boring to me yet lol. The girl’s wearing CL’s shirt and people are like omgg CL’s shirt ! I like their black leggings with heels look though. I think it’s classy and cute. Hyunah’s hair..I have no clue what her real hair is.

T-ara & Supernova – I think the two groups should date each other lol. I don’t even care if there’s a remainder, include them all ! They look good together and sound amazing. The song’s super catchy, they should totally win this week.

Kara – I like their colorful sweats =)

Taegoon – He looks like he’s wearing eyeliner but I can’t tell cuz his sexy hair is in the way. I like the stage and his name is like huge in the back. I don’t dig his blue sweater/cloak whatever. He should’ve gone with the sexy black suit. I love 1 : 10 and onwards where he does that move right when the music resumes.

On a side note, I’m dying to get his album gaze at the photos in his album but i’m broke  ! I’m a little sad but Chrismas is around the corner along with my birthday 3 days after that =)