091008 M! Countdown


Bada – Sometimes I find her looking like me only way older lol. She looks pretty, she’s not slathering on layers of makeup. It’s a pity Taec couldn’t join her ); I love this song too, and she looks good. I like her english too lol, it might not be perfect but I can understand some of it =)

4Minute – The song hasn’t been boring to me yet lol. The girl’s wearing CL’s shirt and people are like omgg CL’s shirt ! I like their black leggings with heels look though. I think it’s classy and cute. Hyunah’s hair..I have no clue what her real hair is.

T-ara & Supernova – I think the two groups should date each other lol. I don’t even care if there’s a remainder, include them all ! They look good together and sound amazing. The song’s super catchy, they should totally win this week.

Kara – I like their colorful sweats =)

Taegoon – He looks like he’s wearing eyeliner but I can’t tell cuz his sexy hair is in the way. I like the stage and his name is like huge in the back. I don’t dig his blue sweater/cloak whatever. He should’ve gone with the sexy black suit. I love 1 : 10 and onwards where he does that move right when the music resumes.

On a side note, I’m dying to get his album gaze at the photos in his album but i’m broke  ! I’m a little sad but Chrismas is around the corner along with my birthday 3 days after that =)

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