Wheesung – Vocalate


Credit: urnobody919 @ youtube

ADORE THE SONG OMFG. i love it and the part where he does that thing with his mouth haha idk what it’s called. Sorta like humming ? idk it sounds really nice with his voice. This album has a total of 12 tracks. His comeback stage is on the 9th so watch out !

My review of the full album under :


01. Over U – aww, I adore this song ;) The chorus is really catchy and omgg his “I’m sooo over you” is sexy. It’s really good so I’ve only heard like two songs but already feel like buying the album but i’m still broke ;______________________; I might just go to the store and just gaze at it. btw is wrote the lyrics to this song and “Tears keep flowing and flowing”

02. 사랑..그 몹쓸병 (Love..That Cruel Disease) – I like the piano in this a lot and his soft voice ad libbing and stuff. It starts off really slow which makes me think this song is super sad. Then it builds up to the chorus. I like the verses a lot, don’t you love Wheesung’s voice =) I wouldn’t say this is my favorite track but after a few listens it might just stick.

03. 주르륵 (Trickling)

04. 눈물 쏟고 또 쏟고 (Tears Keep Flowing and Flowing) – OMGGGGG I love this song. ;)))))))))))))))))) it starts off really mellow and the piano is really beautiful. His voice is amazing. The chorus is really soft too but it’s kind of upbeat. His english is like perfect and i’m amazed. Maybe it’s just a few words only but they’re perfect. The chorus is really catchy and it’s still in my head lol.

05. Rose – girl you remind me of a rose… haha it’s upbeat so that’s cool, there’s variety. I like the upbeat melody. My favorite part is the chorus of course.

06. 네 심장이 쉬는 날 (Your Heart’s Resting Day) – I like his whiny voice, it makes the song like beautiful. Like he’ll sing it all whiny and slow then build up for the chorus like making a statement to someone. The piano at the end was freakin amazing.

07. Alone – Piano ♥ it sounds so depressing, Wheesung oh my gawd. I love his harmonizes. I would totally want him to sing this live =) I like that he’s adding a lot of english to his songs, and it’s amazing. I’m glad it doesn’t sound all with an accent.

08. Show Me Girl – This reminded me of BoA for a while. I like the silent whooosh sound. It’s quite relaxing. The guitar solo was pretty sick dawg. hehe !

09. One Kiss – I think that there’s like one extra who does the extra talkin. Wheesung’s voice is really good. I like the beat and everything. OMG I already love this song.

10. Girls – I like the beat too and Wheesung’s voice is amazing. I like it a lot. Doesn’t it sound amazing, and it’s super catchy. I love the part where he’s just saying girls…something something something. At some point, I think that he’s saying the f word lol but I might just be hearing wrong.

11. 사랑해.. (I Love You..) – Another mellow ballad, I think it’s super soft and it relaxed me a lot. I don’t neccessarily (however you spell that) think I know the lyrics or will ever of this song. I really enjoy the music though, the piano is really beautiful.

12. 타임머신 (Time Machine) – Reminds me a song that has like the exact beat and melody. like something that is about OC. Wheesung’s voice is like perfect for ballads.

Overall- This is a really good album for people who like just ballads and something a little upbeat. If you’re into something that’s more pop this album might not be for you. This is sort of like relaxation music. Sorta like in a way, if you find mellow music calming then it’s right for you. This album has 12 tracks which is like GD’s I think and GD’s album is like 20 bucks at my local store so I’m guessing this might be around there but YesAsia might offer a greater deal. =)

Personally, I like the ballads that he does and sings. Wheesung did a really good job of like incorporating a lot of things together like the piano. I thought that was one of the things that I loved most. I wish there was a little more variety and that he did something like Insomnia because we all love that song <3

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