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FT Island – “Raining” MV


Credit: jinnienomuyeppo02 @ youtube

The mv is so beautiful that it makes me act all teary. I like Jaejin’s hair it’s perfect for him and his little bow tie ♥ Jonghun on the piano was pretty cute and his headphones ;) Seunghyun looks ridiculous good. Hongki’s voice ♥ There’s like a billion things that make this MV beautiful. Seungyun’s ponytail, normally I don’t like them on guys but he broke the whole rule for me. The chorus is amazing. Minhwan omg !, dudee why are they all so hot ?!

I like the scenery too. They chose like a random building and just gaze somewhre making it look so sexy. I like Jaejin’s part where he’s just throwing away the umbrella. I love his voice, he flows so well during the chorus. i’m glad it’s not just Hongki singing most of it this time ;) The umbrella looked like it was just floating in the air (; The whole ‘theme’ of the music video was like grey but not like super black and white and it looked freakin nice. I like the ending solo shots of them just gazing down. Jonghun’s stare makes me mesmorized. The last piano bit was amazing <3


Wheesung – “Trickling” MV Teaser


Credit: typicalpocky @ youtube

Nothin is better than an MV for a beautiful song ;)

Ji Sung’s in it ;)))))))))) he’s like my fave actor since the day I saw him and I don’t really see him on any dramas anymore ); that or maybe I just haven’t watched any yet =/

The MV is super sad cause it’s like a typica sad love story ): And Ji Sung’s really good at acting so it breaks my heart to see him cry. I still have to look up the lyrics because I don’t wanna act so clueless.


091009 Super Junior M – Super Girl


Credit: Jheane718 @ youtube

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve seen them do this live yet );

It’s super laggy though, cause their performance was so intense, so if that’s a pet peeve to you then don’t watch it. Henry’s lookin so fineeee <3 but Siwon’s hair lmao, don’t part it like that. Donghae’s looking so good, Zhou Mi oh my gosh day by day he’s lookin a lot more like Teuk to me.

I can’t wait to see them tomorrow at the Dream Concert, they’ll be performing their korean version of Super Girl <333


091009 Music Bank


Only postin up performances I had a time to watch –

Wheesung’s comeback today ! ;))))))))

Taegoon – He sounds a lot better than the other performances and he’s lookin pretty hot. The vneck is killing me, omggg I love it. I like the white and the black glove. But the pants seem a little tight down there. The lights sort of bothered me a lot and started pissing me off. I’m starting to wonder why no one’s chanting with him geesh. I remember the call me ! call me ! days.

F(X) – First thingI noticed was Sulli’s not smiling )*: I wonder if she’s tired or sick. Luna’s so skinny, I’m jealous of her flat stomach. I actually love this performance the best. They’re getting a hang of things and some of them sure look tired.

Wheesung’s comeback – I was really looking forward to this but I wasn’t disappointed at all. now for my spazzing ~

I like the beginning, omg it’s like rain and then he comes out of somewhere. Dude I love what he’s wearing. And his hair is the best. He’s singing really good live. I practically can hum the whole song ;) and it’s been like two days since I’ve listened to it non stop.  I like the choreo and the background is really beautiful. After a while he sounds just like the record man. I like the bridge where it’s just him singing and then the light comes down. Then you see like the whole band come like out of nowhere O_O It kind of freaked me out but the it looks really cool. If they were like having a cool light shine on them, it might look like angels ;)

Wheesung’s back !


Yoochun & Jaejoong on FRaU Magazine


I like the photos a lot but Yoochun’s hair looks really short and makes him look like a girl if you look at it from an angle. But he does look amazing. Jaejoong looks the same hot usual person he is. His smile is so cute, I can just picture his laugh like right now.


SHINee – “2009, Year of Us” Song Teaser


Credit: casshine @ youtube

You don’t hear anything besides “you” and SM is always misleading so this might not be their title song. I hate being tricked T________T

I like Jonghyun’s nothing can stop me from loving YOUUUUUUU YOUUUUUUU YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

Unfortunately, Minho doesn’t get a part to sing ):

The 33 second teaser grows on me and now I’m addicted to it ;) I’m so looking forward to their comeback and album (:


SNSD & F(X) – Chocolate Love CF


Credit: protonic9 @ youtube

It’s such a short CF but I think I would like to see it everytime I watch tv :D but unfortunately, the cfs that I see are like months old.

Hyo, Seohyun, and Yuri didn’t get any solo time. It was sort of Jessica, Sooyoung, and Yoona based. The phone itself looks pretty although I don’t think I’d get that even if I had the chance.

F(X)’s under Read the rest of this entry ?