FT Island – “Raining” MV


Credit: jinnienomuyeppo02 @ youtube

The mv is so beautiful that it makes me act all teary. I like Jaejin’s hair it’s perfect for him and his little bow tie ♥ Jonghun on the piano was pretty cute and his headphones ;) Seunghyun looks ridiculous good. Hongki’s voice ♥ There’s like a billion things that make this MV beautiful. Seungyun’s ponytail, normally I don’t like them on guys but he broke the whole rule for me. The chorus is amazing. Minhwan omg !, dudee why are they all so hot ?!

I like the scenery too. They chose like a random building and just gaze somewhre making it look so sexy. I like Jaejin’s part where he’s just throwing away the umbrella. I love his voice, he flows so well during the chorus. i’m glad it’s not just Hongki singing most of it this time ;) The umbrella looked like it was just floating in the air (; The whole ‘theme’ of the music video was like grey but not like super black and white and it looked freakin nice. I like the ending solo shots of them just gazing down. Jonghun’s stare makes me mesmorized. The last piano bit was amazing <3


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