Super Junior M – Behind the Scenes of “SuperGirl”


Credit: Sujuthrusts @ youtube

Henry is so cute, I love him with Kyu. I like the random clips of them just clapping lol. Donghae was such a cutie clapping along. Jessica is like super shy but she makes a really good  couple with the nerd Hankyung. He looks really good with the leather jacket and shades though.

Donghae is so freakin’ cute, he tries to whore the whole camera when Hankyung and Jessica were talking. He dances so well ;))))))))))))))))))))))))

I actually loved watching them just all dance with their sexy outfits, I don’t approve of Hae’s hat. He seems to be weawring a lot of those. Wook is like so cute, I like what he’s wearing. I just noticed Kyu seems super hyper lol. He should wear those shades more often. Donghae left a really hot message behind basically saying to support Super Junior M & SuperGirl (;


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