SHINee – “2009, Year of Us” Photos


SM decides to tease us with each members’ photos being released day by day. Jonghyun’s was first !

I really like his hair although, everyone’s hair seems to be blond now. I like it actually on him. It makes him look a lot more uhh hardcore yet cute.

I actually like Taemin’s alot. Maybe it’s just me but I think it looks way better than before. I think the braids didn’t turn me off at all. And the picture of his hair straightened was sex <3

Onew’s hair isn’t making me cry but it’s just really short and that makes me sad. I wish he kept his hair before; it was really lookin good on him. I like the reddish color on him though.

I’m sad they haven’t done anything to Minho’s hair but at the same time it’s better than having it slaughtered away. He has the same face but the way he presents it is really prettty.

Key ); I hated this day to come dear gawdd. He looks more like a goth person doesn’t he ;______________; make me have to cry now. Sighhhhhh ! I don’t like it and the hair kind of matches Jaejin’s only he makes it cute. I want his hair to be back to brown !

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