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MBLAQ – “Oh Yea” MV Teaser


Credit: misskiwiberry @ youtube


I don’t really hear the song clear but i like the black paint ooozing down on the letters :) The guys look fairly attractive but since it’s Rain’s boyband, I’m not going to be disappointed. I was really skeptical when I saw photos of them in heavy eyeliner almost like drags… but I don’t know (; I’ll have to wait and see. I’m anticipating them just as much as I am to B2ST.


BEAST – “Bad Girl”


Credit: mrjenpoo @ youtube

B2ST changed to BEAST so just a heads up ;) It’ll make it easier for me to type even though B2ST isn’t super challenging. AJ, omggg I like the picture. It’s super white but really cute. I like the guy on the far right flashing his pearly whites and AJ’s hair is beautiful. do you notice that corner of his shift lifted up ? omfg, it’s beautiful too.

The song’s really typical and I love the beginning although it won’t sound like that live huh. It sounds very Big Bang to me. I like the chorus and whoever sings it has a really sweet voice. Whoever does the verses, I’m curious to know his real voice. (: The rapper reminds me of TOP a lil and someone.. I can’t remember. The chorus makes me addicted though.

Debut is 15th I believe and it won’t be on Music Core or whatever, it’ll be through MTV.

What’s so cool about this group is they’re using their real names so AJ won’t be all AJ anymore ;) so it might be a little more confusing.


1. Yoon Doo Joon [ LEADER ]
2. Son Dong Woon [ MAKNAE ]
3. Yang Yo Seob
4. Lee Ki Kwang aka AJ
5. Jang Hyun Seung aka SO-1
6. Yong Joon Hyung aka Poppin’ Dragon

Magnae doesn’t look much like magnae at all hehe.


SHINee – “Ring Ding Dong”


Credit: lizann16 @ youtube


The voices are sorta  autotone ish but they’ll sound so good live. I love the verses before the chorus too. It repeats a lot of the songs but like I like it ;) I love Key’s rap too, and uh the part after it sounds like freak out freak out but lol I’m sure it’s not. The bridge is like beautiful ♥ Onew’s voice is lalalalla :)

Totally replaying this forever (:


F.T Island – “Lie”


Credit: mrjenpoo @ youtube

I’m gonna start adding the period if you haven’t noticed. I was always lazy but finally managed to. They just released a japanese single and now coming back with a korean. no break? ):

Seunghyun’s rap is really good and its my fave part of the song too. The piano is always what I love most too. It kind of gives off a really sad tune to it ;DDDD


SHINee ‘Ring Ding Dong’ – “Jo Jo” Teaser


Credit: weareshining01 @ youtube

I like this too. Key’s voice is really good and his eyebrow is surprisingly pretty for a guy.

His hair color is perfect but the way they cut it makes it ruin his whole face. I liked it when he had a fedora on though, it made him look really good. 37 secs is not long enough but I’m totally loving it ;)


F(X) – Behind the Scenes of “Chocolate Love” MV


Credit: dirah9302 @ youtube

One word :



Wheesung – “Trickling” MV


Credit: lemonlove9 @ youtube

Ji Sung ;) omg he looks so cute in the MV laying on the bed. G Dragon much? The mv is supposed to be sad though.

I’ll describe the events as best as I could x)

He gets ready and walks into a store and picks up some flowers while the girl is like at another store. A cube of sugar is dropped into his coffee and he looks like he’s waiting for her to arrive. Then she finally does omgg so cute ;) but guess what, it’s not true ! The girl isn’t her and for some reason he gets up and starts crying when she leaves ); the MV is so confusing ): aw they have like a bunch of memories at the same restaurant and you get why they’re wearing the same rings. Aw they break up DDDDDD; why? he’s such a good guy ):  Poor guy DDDDD; he just stands there in the rain while another guy picks her up, OMGGGGGG I’M GETTIN TEARY.

It’s kind of a pity that Wheesung didn’t star in the MV, it’s not like I wanted to see him get dumped but maybe he could be the person that she breaks up for? ;)

I’ll try to upload the video with eng translations but for now there isn’t