Wheesung – “Trickling” MV


Credit: lemonlove9 @ youtube

Ji Sung ;) omg he looks so cute in the MV laying on the bed. G Dragon much? The mv is supposed to be sad though.

I’ll describe the events as best as I could x)

He gets ready and walks into a store and picks up some flowers while the girl is like at another store. A cube of sugar is dropped into his coffee and he looks like he’s waiting for her to arrive. Then she finally does omgg so cute ;) but guess what, it’s not true ! The girl isn’t her and for some reason he gets up and starts crying when she leaves ); the MV is so confusing ): aw they have like a bunch of memories at the same restaurant and you get why they’re wearing the same rings. Aw they break up DDDDDD; why? he’s such a good guy ):  Poor guy DDDDD; he just stands there in the rain while another guy picks her up, OMGGGGGG I’M GETTIN TEARY.

It’s kind of a pity that Wheesung didn’t star in the MV, it’s not like I wanted to see him get dumped but maybe he could be the person that she breaks up for? ;)

I’ll try to upload the video with eng translations but for now there isn’t


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