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091015 M! Countdown


Mc Mong

I was so not gonna watch this cuz it said horror show but gave it a try :D

Just in time for halloween ;) The beginning graphics freaked me out so bad. Mc Mong always has the best performances and he does lol. I like the choreo and the whole set, he sure took a lot of work to planning this out.

MBLAQ – Hehe you see rain at the beginning and his abs are really hot but I think he lost them after his knee injury. I was really excited to see them perform and I don’t think I got disappointed. Wth are they wearing though. I like the dancing sorta. The first singer resembled Hongki in a way and then I kept staring at him and he looks really cute. The guy with the mustache has a good singing voice.  I like what the rapper guy’s wearing – half black half white. The song isn’t the best to show off their vocals and they’re not at the best yet either but very much improving soon. I’m sure Rain chose the right guys ;) so I’m not going to doubt it one bit.

Lee Hyun and Wheesung – Both are really good vocalists ;) Wheesung did this song a long time ago and now Lee Hyun’s joining. I like both of their voices and when they sing together, it’s perfect. They should release an album together.

Wheesung –  :) I like the falling stars in the background. The choreo is really easy to dance to but it’s not like i’d try it out.. Wheesung looks a bit darker too. lmao the crotch grab, the girls did it and I laughed like crazy. I’m so mature hehe. It looks so magical when the  stage is all bright, I was expecting the band to appear.

Kara’s Goodbye Stage

Supernova & T-ara


SNSD & F(X) – “Chocolate Love” MV


Credit: allkpop @ youtube

Seohyun got a lot more screen time yayyy :) My fave part was the dancing with the fans. I’m kind of disturbed at their outfits =/ I kept my mind on that like the whole time. I think they were going for innocentness but in my case, I didn’t think of it that way at all O___________________O

F(X) –  ;)))))))))))))))))))))) Their mv had a lot of “face” time and I literally mean that. Victoria has like the prettiest eyes ever and Sulli’s hair kind of ruined it much ): The phone itself lol, was getting touched by all of em. My fave part was Amber’s rap and then her very short solo dance ;) and she’s sorta like me, cuz I can’t move my damn leg very high up.


SHINee – “Ring Ding Dong” MV Teaser


Credit: sment @ youtube


I don’t really mind the hair after i’ve seen this omfg.  Jonghyun, wth man you’re so freakin sexy :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Their dances are really hot even though it’s like 2 secs, just imagine what it’ll be like in the whole mv ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Taemin omg he looks so mature. Did you see how their hips move, wow. I like their hot intensified stares the most. I have to say Jonghyun’s blond hair really works and he should keep it <3



Preview Big Bang – “Let Me Hear Your Voice” 3rd Japanese Single


Credit: imbisibells @ youtube

Not the best quality ;_________;

This song is going to be used in a japanese drama ;) hehehee.  They haven’t really did a korean single and are already back for Japan ): I hear Taeyang the most out of the preview and Daesung. I wonder what the rap’s gonna sound like if there is going to be on ;) There isn’t auto tone so it’s like their real voices and it sounds upbeat. I likey <3


Taeyang – “Where U At” MV


Credit: YGEntertainment @ youtube

The full song was like out the day before but I came straight to the video instead.

It’s a pity that he’s not going to be promoting the song, I think. I love the song and it’s something that suits him not like a ballad lol. The choreo is amazing. I love like the whole thing and the scene looks out of that baseball drama I watched. There isn’t a lot from the MV besides him dancing but I think that’s enough sexiness. Teddy’s featured on this song, and he looks good on that motorcycle. I love the dance during the chorus, it’s really fast but looks good.

He has a dance break during the bridge and they’re all ewaring white and he looks still really good (: The part where he’s just hitting his chest got he lmao – ing after a while. i like the dance after that too, omg isn’t the choreo the best part of the song ;) There’s a really pretty melody at the end and he turns back to stare at this girl and she’s all wearin this veil which creeps me out a lil D;


SS501 – ‘Rebirth’ Photojacket Photos


Tee hee, I like what i’m seeing. Everything from Hyun Joong’s moobs to Kyu’s sexiness. I kind of don’t like his first photo but the second one was really hot. I like the whole guyliner look too (: They’re not bleaching their hair and adding tattoos so that’s nice. I can’t wait for their comeback ;)


Epik High – “Trot + High Technology” MV


Credit: mapthesoul @ youtube

Sequel ;) they’re not going to perform anymore because Tukutz has left for the army so you don’t be seeing Epik High around for two years ):

We finally get to know if they beat Mithra ;), the part i’ve been waiting for forever.

Tukutz uses an arrow but aims it at Tablo’s butt instead. The stare that Mithra does after is pretty funny and then he beats em up. “omo” Tukutz shouts. jk lol ;) They get locked up and i think he went to go pee and so they have a chance to escape. haha, they bust out kungfu moves and it’s so cute <3 Tablo defeats the poor fella with his light saber lol does it get anymore cracktastic ? lol Tablo’s all WTH? after a bunch of girls crawl out of his stomach. I’m also going to mention that the girls are like 5 inches taller than him. haha and their ending pose ;) they show an ending clip and Mithra’s all sewing himself together, damn I can’t help but laugh. He ends up spitting up blood yarn.

Congrats to Tablo btw ;)