Epik High – “Trot + High Technology” MV


Credit: mapthesoul @ youtube

Sequel ;) they’re not going to perform anymore because Tukutz has left for the army so you don’t be seeing Epik High around for two years ):

We finally get to know if they beat Mithra ;), the part i’ve been waiting for forever.

Tukutz uses an arrow but aims it at Tablo’s butt instead. The stare that Mithra does after is pretty funny and then he beats em up. “omo” Tukutz shouts. jk lol ;) They get locked up and i think he went to go pee and so they have a chance to escape. haha, they bust out kungfu moves and it’s so cute <3 Tablo defeats the poor fella with his light saber lol does it get anymore cracktastic ? lol Tablo’s all WTH? after a bunch of girls crawl out of his stomach. I’m also going to mention that the girls are like 5 inches taller than him. haha and their ending pose ;) they show an ending clip and Mithra’s all sewing himself together, damn I can’t help but laugh. He ends up spitting up blood yarn.

Congrats to Tablo btw ;)

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