Taeyang – “Where U At” MV


Credit: YGEntertainment @ youtube

The full song was like out the day before but I came straight to the video instead.

It’s a pity that he’s not going to be promoting the song, I think. I love the song and it’s something that suits him not like a ballad lol. The choreo is amazing. I love like the whole thing and the scene looks out of that baseball drama I watched. There isn’t a lot from the MV besides him dancing but I think that’s enough sexiness. Teddy’s featured on this song, and he looks good on that motorcycle. I love the dance during the chorus, it’s really fast but looks good.

He has a dance break during the bridge and they’re all ewaring white and he looks still really good (: The part where he’s just hitting his chest got he lmao – ing after a while. i like the dance after that too, omg isn’t the choreo the best part of the song ;) There’s a really pretty melody at the end and he turns back to stare at this girl and she’s all wearin this veil which creeps me out a lil D;


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