091016 Music Bank


BEAST – omg the beginning kills me with AJ’s abs omgggggg. I like the stage it’s so pretty. I love his voice too although it’ smore like auto tone. OMG he’s copying a Jay thing and liftin up his shirt, -dies- I like the chorus and the guy that sings it. He has a really nice voice and then the blonde kid, omg he’s so cute. I’m really happy that they can sing so well and dance like that so powerful. I don’t really hear their loud breathing. I love the dance break. Dang, they’re wearing like a whole stick of eyeliner on their eyelids.

SHINee – Doesn’t Jonghyun start the song out really good omggg. Key’s hair has purple highlights omfg only my fave color in the world ;)) I love Onew’s voice too. Minho’s having the ponytail and I think it”s bugging me a lil. Onew’s hair is bugging me too, it looks like my mom when she comes out of the shower. Jonghyun’s mouth wipe ♥ Speaking of their clothes and stuff, Taemin’s wearing like a really big robe on. Damn did you see Minho’s rap, it was really fierce. Then Key does his hair flip, that boy is freakin diva ish. I hope their hips don’t break after just one performance lol.


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