SHINee – “Ring Ding Dong” MV


Credit: sment @ youtube

I just noticed there’s no female in here ;))))

Jonghyun’s hair is like freakin fried but I like it (: What’ so different about them is Onew. He doesn’t :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD anymore ): It’s quite different. I like Key’s part, omfg isn’t he just sexy. I love the guyliner on him. Taemin’s hair lmao and the milk drinking part. Reminds me of GD’s apple can thing. The chorus dance is really catchy. I like it ;D They’re all self touching themselves with the hand movement. Key’s butterfly <3  I find him fake singing along pretty dramatic lmao. He’s really into it. When they danced in the water, yeah baby ;) It was all splashing. But lol Taemin’s hair wth ! They look really hot in the car. I love KeyHo’s rap :DDD and Jonghyun singing after. They sure came a long way from their Replay days. I even watched their Replay mv again.


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