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091017 SHINee – World Poverty Day Special


Credit: TYPICALpocky @ youtube

I wish Music Core was like filming that day. Again, the cameraman should stop panning at the audience.

Lipsyncing so yeah but they look good doing it lol. I hate what Taemin’s wearing around his waist and it eventually falls off ;D I love when Key starts the song with “Butterfly” omfg it’s so cool. They should’ve zoomed into their faces though. Jonghyun’s mouth wipe omgg why isn’t anyone screaming ?!


091017 Music Core


Everything pre recorded a week ago and finally aired today !

Wheesung – Music Core always has like the strangest stages. I don’t like what he’s wearing. And the dancers lmao, they make me crack up. I don’t like the stage but I closed my eyes and I love the singing ;)

Kara – omg their goodbye stage is tomorrow ! They’re having glow in the dark pants, omggg so cool. I kind of like that than remixes. Funny how they do the butt dance in the dark.. I like what they’re wearing too. The shirts are really cute.

Epik High – AWWW, they look extra hyper. I like the dancers did you see the dancer behind Mithra doing that pimp face haha. The disco ball looks really pretty. It’ll suck to not see them perform all together for two years )*:

Supernova and T-ara


Preview 2PM on ‘Infinity Challenge”


Credit: yanaftwtwo @ youtube

Hehe, the pd won’t delete Jay’s footage so we get to see him act like him ! And I have to watch this week’s episode of him with Junho on it too <3