091018 Inkigayo


Taec and Wooyoung return as MCS <33333333 Wooyoung’s hair damn…it looks so mushroom like. Taec’s hair looks darker so he must’ve dyed it ;)

SHINee – yay they got to perform again ;) they have those ear mics, lol i have no clue what it’s called. But idk, it could either be a plus or minus to you. Jonghyun’s wearing his bird pimp coat. I sorta like it….minus the feathers. But I love that it’s white, it makes him sparkle from the others haha using my Twilight vocabulary. I love Key’s butterly hehe, even though I’ve said that like way too much. Oh my gosh and Onew smiled too ! He’s so cute lol. I think he had to restrain himself though lol. Taemin’s really growing on me and it’s sad to see him look so mature and wear pants that are like half my size. It sucks that Minho doesn’t get alot of camera time besides his rap but he works it !

Mc Mong – Kang Ho Dong makes an appearance ! haha 1N2D love <3 The things on the screen were really cute hehe. The backup dancers sorta freak me out after a while though.

G-Dragon – He gets to perform A Boy ;) DAMNNN HIS HAIR WTFF. I’m really sad, it looks like John Adams. I hope that’s not his real hair ); I guess he’s just doing that for the portraying of the character.

Anyways onto the song, I love this song ;)))))))))))) I’m glad he’s performing it now. Damn the choreo, me likey <3 The hips omfg. I actually like what he’s wearing too. I love the background, I think it’s him and him again (?) as a little kid.  I like his high pitched singing. I love his MJ tribut <3 and his smile is really cute. and aww he thanks the fans and lmao the end, he writes “Taeyang’s comeback next week !”

BEAST – I don’t know their names yet DDDD: I love the first guy who sings though, I love his vocals. And the little blonde guy, I love his hat ;) the down down we gotta get down gets really annoying to me after a while. Everyone did super well on vocals so I’m impressed. Basically they’re cute and have amazing looks ;)

MBLAQ – I find both groups, (them and BEAST) really good. Their song is way more difficult and they sing live probably much more. And the guy liftin up his shirt is a plus lmao. I think this group portrays more of a sexy image. I wouldn’t say its bad or turns me off but lmao it’ll take time for it to grow on me.

Kara – They don’t have the proper banner saying they’re leaving ); I love the glitter pants though and the camera man is so pervy on zooming in on Nicole’s butt T_T I sure will miss their dance and both of the songs they’ve promoted D; I hope they’ll be back soon !

Run – Another sol guy; I’m glad they’re coming now ;) He looks stiff in his dance lmao, but I like the fire in the back. Although he shouldn’t dance..jkay ;) and the part where the girls touched him made me..turned off O_O the song isn’t super catchy. The dancing is okay. But after alot of groups debuting..idk. I don’t wanna be mean but I’m not getting obsessed.

T-ara & Supernova – I watched their MV today like three times and I regret not puttin alot of my thoughts on their performances. They really match with each other and omgg the rappers are so cute. Once again, i’ll learn their names. So many people on stage though. It sucks they haven’t gottrn an award and now that so many people are competing against them, it’ll be harder to get one D;

F(X) – I like Sulli and Vitoria’s high five. I like what they’re all wearing too. Sulli’s like super happy. Krystal’s long stares resemble Jessica lol. I noticed Luna runs from one end to the other and has to continue dancing after that. Much exercise ? Amber’s rap sorta made me giggle, she seems so giddy and hair hair omgg it’s so secksi <3 and the ending pose haha Sulli ;)

F(X) Digital Music Chart – omg Amber’s hello I’m Amber is so english lol ! It’s so cute. haha her la la la is super cute. OMGG they’re so dorky but I think they’re awkward. INTIMATE NOTE TIME !

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