091021 SHINee @ ChinChin Radio


Intro & Outro omo omo omo, Key’s being such a cutie hottie that bear is so damn lucky too >>:) Onew haha trying to strike a pose with the bear. I wanna do that with him DDD; Key’s still such a camera whore tryin to steal all the attention :DDDDD urggggggh she’s holding their album ! I’m going to buy it soon..hopefully like an hour from now or tomorrow. @ 2:17 to like a little more, Onew’s doing a bunch of expressions. (: what a cutie ♥ then at the end posing with the bear is so cute (:

Ring Ding Dong & Y.O.U LIVEEE ♥ I love it (: Onew looks so cute and his smile’s adroable. Taemin’s voice is really manly now and I’m crying cause he’s not the magnae anymore DDDDD; I miss his old self so much. Man he’s grown so much. omgg the move Key does before his part around 2 10 is hot ((: Aw so Minho’s not here to do the song D; he’s  filming Dream Team Key’s rap repleacement was really sexy. hehe and Taeyeon’s so fantastic and elastic yaaaaa. lol

I’m glad they got to do Y.O.U live (:

Get Down – Now that I’ve listened to the song again, it’s amazing. Key’s cute doing his little hand movements. I’m in love with Jonghyun’s hair btw. and him mouthing the words hehe <3 Wow Taemin looks really mature, he looks the same age as Onew. I love Key, isn’t he just cute rapping out the whole song with movements. I love his hair, the pictures made me think it was ridiculous. Jonghyun looks high by the end of the song (:

Onew singing “Clockwork” – aw another Onew cover ! his hair reminds me of Jaejin’s too and makes his face like huger than it really is. I love his voice though so if you just cover the hair up, it’s quite perfect. idk why they cut his hair D: why can’t they just leave it alone ?

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