091017 Dream Forest Concert Performances


It was like on the 17 but delayed cause of the baseball game. There wasn’t Music Bank today too yay (:

F(X) – Wow, there’s like a billion of people out there. They sound good lol, but the music in the background is like louder than usual to me. I’ve never noticed Sulli’s ponytail was so freakin’ curly. They look super happy too (: lmao, when they panned over to that fan; she’s a huge fan isn’t she :DDD hehe, Amber gets like the loudest cheers.

4MINUTE – aw they don’t ever do the rap again. They look really happy lol. I guess this concert makes everyone so happy. Hyuna’s hair isn’t bad either but wth is she wearing. The girl that sings the line before the chorus shouts her line and it gets so annoying to me.

Taegoon – I’m glad he got to perform. I like what’s hearing so much. Normally I hate guys in vnecks but he rocks it like it’s sexy. His vocals have improved so much (: omgg, i hear fans singing along !!! I’m freaking out cause that’s freakin awesome. I just realized he isn’t wearing a glove lol. I see a big bling bling on his ring finger though :)

Fashion show feat Minho, Hyuna, Nicole – I don’t dig what they’re wearing lol. I guess it’s just one pice of the same cloth showing diff styles of wearing it. Minho looks sexy though. lol I don’t get the whole hoodies thing but I like the things they wore besides Narsha’s. If Minho were to pursue another career, let it be modeling for clothes underwear. I didn’t know Krystal was in the show lol, she’s super tall which is good for a model.

Ji Hyun Mi with Seohyun – d’ awww that’s why I love her the most in SNSD.

Brown Eyed Girls – now whenever I hear this song, it reminds me of DEG. I like that Narsha isn’t wearing a wig. It’s so cute that a little girl knows the lyrics and sings along. And omgg when they do a weird dance, the female fans just go crazy and cover their faces. It’s weird how the girls are cheerign when Ga In does her dance lol.

Kara – awww I miss their song so much. They look super cheery and I bet all the male fans go even crazier when they do the butt part.

SHINee – I thought I posted this already…? Dear gawd, the beginning I didn’t know Jonghyun does thewave, super sexy. He looks too cute and his smile. This has got to be the greatest choreography showing off their hips. lol I can’t seem to keep my eyes off him though. I like his facial expressions too. Gosh, I wish I was there staring at him *_______________________________* KeyHo really fit the rap, I love that part so much. I love everything besides the dang clothes. What’s up with that guy DDD; least it’s better than the open back t shirts.

SEOUL (feat Kara, BEG, Kara, F(X), SHINee 4Minute) –   Taegoon looks so lonely. He should recruit me so we can dance together. Onew’s smile lights up everyone. Key’s strange distance between Miryo is so weird lol. I love the raps. Kara looks like gangsters with the coats on.

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