BEAST – ‘Beast is the B2ST’ Mini Album Review


Crunch time now baby  xDDDDD


I’m still a lil skeptical on this group and the fact that I don’t know their names DDD; but I’d rather listen and then figure it out rather than never try it out. The cover blinds me btw. It’s too white and hard to stare at their faces without blinking every two secs. I need to grab some eye drops after this xD

Preorder here as YESASIA

01. Beast is the B2ST – Never been fond of intros cause it makes me all mad wanting more from a one minute audio. I think all of them are in here because some are singing and then rapping. I like it a lot and wish it was a full song though DDD;

02. Bad Girl – Enough said, if you’ve read my MV post.

03. Mystery – They have both elements of 2PM and Big Bang in it lol. Much of the comments referred to it a lot. I like the auto tone in here, I’m such a big fan of it I guess. I like their voices. Their pronounciation is cute, I’ve learned to like konglish guys (:

04.아직은 (Yet) – I’m surprised they included a slow RnB song (: me likey alot. the oh shit around 1 :25 is pretty random lol.

05. Oasis – Favorite song (: the piano is really pretty and their voices are uber beautiful. It sounds so mellow. Reminds me a lot of pops songs actually.

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