Hwanhee – ‘H Soul’ Album Review


YUUUUUS; IT’S FRIDAY  <333333 which means I can totally dedicate my entire weekend to my computer (: yes I have no life D;


Hwanhee’s hair reminds me very much of Kim Hyun Joongs, only really white blond. Man, I’ve missed his voice. I never knew he has rock hard abs. They look delicious. I hope he performs it lookin like that. I kid, I kid.


01. Because I Missed Your Heart (심장을 놓쳐서) – This is the title song ((((: which means it will have an MV. I love the song, and his voice is fabulous. But it sounds so sad, and he sings from the heart. Damn, I can’t wait to see him sing this live.

02. Bring it Back – It starts off real slow like almost jazz, and he sings it so soft. OMG, he sings with some english words and it makes it like ten times more sexy. girl i wanna bring you back to me. I wish someone said that to me (:

03. (늦은 고백) – Awww, I love the piano in this and his mellow voice. I’m sorry I say that a lot but there’s like no words to describe for his awesome voice. It’s soft and not upbeat at all so it relaxed me alot.

04. Getting Down –  Gawd, I love the variety he has. And the beats are amazing. I love the stanzas and then the chorus, omgg it’s so catchy. i’ve been missing you, you will be my boo <33333 yeah baby, I love this song.

05. (내 이별의 시간은 거꾸로 간다) – Reminds me of hispanic music with the guitar and then sorta Vietnamese too. Romantic :D

06. Everyday – Sometimes his songs remind me a lot of Wheesung. I like the chorus parts, where someone harmonizes with him.

07. 심장을 놓쳐서 (Inst.)

Overall, this album reminds me of Wheesung’s ‘Vocalate’. I loved all the songs too, and can’t pick a favorite. Mostly ballads but I like how he had like some upbeat songs. But Wheesung wrote his songs so both win my heart (:


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