SS501 – ‘Rebirth’ Album Review


Oh hot damn, I think Friday’s the day where I’m doing reviews then.

This is late lol, but omg I just had to listen to it after seeing the teaser. I like their new concept, with the smokey eye and the whole punk rock thing going on. But some of their hairs can be better off not slicked ;______;


most of the links that I was looking for were deleted ): so I’m glad I found at least one left.

Click here and take your pick on which version you’d like to buy as YESASIA

01. Wasteland – omggg, the piano is killing me; It’s too beautiful. I love their voices, it meshes so well together. It’s much like their style too so I’m not shocked. They should’ve used this as their title track DD;

02. Love like This (네게로) – The auto tone never turns me off but some people just hate it. The beginning reminds me of U R Man. I love the song so much. It’s catchy omg the chorus <3 they repeat love like this over and over and it just sticks to me a lot. the heeeey girl ~ is too cute.

03. 하루만 (Only One Day) – the song’s piano is super sad and makes me wanna cry. I can totally imagine a girl running and crying. Harmonization is like their strongest and it’s perfect for ballads man we need more of them xD

04. Obsess – RnB like. I like their vocals in this song a lot. And it’s catchy too (: i’m obsessed with you, i gotta be with youuu <3

05. 완.두.콩(Green Peas) – aw this sounds so cute, and I was informed that this was a fan song hehe. I love the title too, it’s too cute. The piano reminds me of nursery rhymes (:

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