091018 Music Core


OMGG, HWANHEE AND SS501’S COMEBACK STAGE <33333333333333333333333333333333 ;)

I haven’t been this excited in a very long time.This week’s performances were recorded last week, shown this week.

SS501 – AHHHH, THEY CAME OUT OF LIKE NOWHERE FROM THE LIGHT AND HYUN JOONG COMES UP AND DOES HIS SEX FACE OMG -DIES- I have to say I’ve hated their choreo from all the other songs but this one makes me love it s omuch (: The mics sorta messed up their singing ughhhhh. But they sound so good live ♥ I like what they’re weraing too, damn the chants are already so loud. ahhh, I’m addicted to the chorus dance. It’s quite a big competition to SHINee now.

Hwanhee – damn I haven’t even gotten to Hwanhee yet but I’m already satisfied with Music Core for today lol. There’s no doubt that his vocals aren’t amazing live.  I’m glad he got to use a hand mic, it doesn’t mess up the song. ahhh he’s dancing too ;) I like the mid tempo feeling, RnB like.It’s not too upbeat but not slow like a sad ballad. Perfect for Hwanhee. Ahh, the chorus kills me, he doesn’t sing the whole thing but his jump shocked me lol. I didn’t know it said cause you’re in my heart. I thought it was like conjour in my heart O_O if that makes sense at all. The female dancers make me jealous D; awkward move at 1 : 23 lol, was that a butt slap?  I’m so glad he’s back but I miss Brian lots ):

SHINee – I really hope they win this week lol, even if there’s a bunch of comebacks.

I love the stage, it looked like a butterfly to me lol. I love what Jonghyun’s wearing. I like staring at his face when he’s just signing. Too much sexiness :DDD Taemin has a bowl cut ish lol, only weird. Onew’s hair is bad boy messy but idk, it doesn’t fit him. Aw how come no one screamed when Taemin took off his sweater D;  Hehe, Minho took Taemin’s place during their break how cute.Minho’s rap is just too sexy, I love it when he just walks to the front, too hot.

4MINUTE – i love Jiyeon’s part say lalalalala ;) Hyunah amuses me a lot, she looks her age.  I notice Hyuna likes to like tap her fingers on her mic when she sings lol.

BEAST – I really love the lights, everyone looks so good, I love their outfits.

MBLAQ – They’re getting a lot more cheers lol. I personally like BEAST more DD; but both are super good.

Kara –  Aww, good last stage. Although, I don’t think they wanted to leave.


  1. Don’t you got the date wrong? Isn’t it 091024 lol.

    • No it was recorded on that day. lol

      • Oh psh. Lol.

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