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Andy feat Jumper – “Single Man” MV Teaser


Credit: usasiansourcekpop @ youtube

btw Andy’s 28 but he looks sexy for his age. Jumper btw, is back ! but Rocky is out I think cuz that guy doesn’t look like him. I’m kind of sad D; I hope I find out where he is cause he was the reason why I ever liked Jumper.

And quick fact, Andy produced Jumper lol. So ironicially they’re both promoting together now (;


F. T Triple – “Love Letter” MV


Credit: allkpop @ youtube

the vocals ♥ I love the whole mv, Jaejin’s hair is amazing. I’m glad he ditched the nerd haircut. He looked best with the blue plaid I think. It made him look handsome. The rap was really cool,  I like how they would show their faces. Jonghun’s headband <3 I love the scenery, must’ve taken them a while lol.

btw, this is ‘Two Date’ a seperate project from ‘One Date’ from the full album ‘Double Date’

only 20,000 copies, so idk how everyone will get one D;


091025 Inkigayo


So many performances today ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD including ss501’s comeback stage. Kim Tae Woo won this week, (2nd time)

SS501 -yay, they did Only One Day ;DDDD, Kyu Jong’s tooo hot omgggggggggg (: Hyun Joong’s vocals aren’t the best here though, man the makeup makes him look super tired.  I never saw the beginning post for Love like This. Man the cheers are freakin loud. I thought magnae was naked DD; I love the stage. I’m not digging the inside shirts, makes him look a tattooed everywhere. Everytime they say hey girl ~ I think the fans should stay, hey boy ~

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