091025 Inkigayo


So many performances today ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD including ss501’s comeback stage. Kim Tae Woo won this week, (2nd time)

SS501 -yay, they did Only One Day ;DDDD, Kyu Jong’s tooo hot omgggggggggg (: Hyun Joong’s vocals aren’t the best here though, man the makeup makes him look super tired.  I never saw the beginning post for Love like This. Man the cheers are freakin loud. I thought magnae was naked DD; I love the stage. I’m not digging the inside shirts, makes him look a tattooed everywhere. Everytime they say hey girl ~ I think the fans should stay, hey boy ~

Taeyang – It sucks it’s his one and only stage, but very much anticipation. I haven’t seen him on stage in like forever. The two choreos were featured in the MV. I like the whole stage, it’s like the same. I love his live vocals. Gosh, I can’t type when I’m so mesmorized in the performance. The mic bothers me a little, but I think it’s better than the other mics. Aw the cameraman bothers me a lot. I wish i could’ve seen the whole stage during the dance break. The extra guys sorta shocked me lol, i was like whoa ! He flashed his abs a little..so I was happy xD

GD – A boy + Seo Taji Dance – I love the stage again. I love his hair way more than the weird wig he had on. I like his little smiles, it’s too cute. The dance was so cute and the smile right after was too adorable. lol, he sure changes fast, but I totally hate his outfit.

SHINee – I get a lil cringe seeing Onew act like a bad boy. Jonghyun, omgggg. Kay, I should stop saying that. lol, Taemin’s still such a kid to me, although he does look really hot. Key’s hair looks really weird and bugs me a lot. I love what Minho’s wearing. Man those pants are hot on him :D

BEAST – Aj’s vneck omggg (: I like it, I get to see everything down there. I’m so in the process of learning their names lol. I know right? like what the heck is wrong with me. I love them so much, actually way more than MBLAQ. but unfortunately, Liltwilliee is the complete opposite from me. She loves them and isn’t into BEAST at all DDD; I won’t be biased though, and I’ll learn both groups’ names. AHHH, AJ rips off his shirt, but I think one of the straps went down, exposing more (: Today’s a great day lol.

BEAST Digital Chart – EEEE, I LEARNED THEIR NAMES, YOSEOB, AND DOOJOON. They’re too cute omg.  omg the bow at the end <3

MBLAQ – urgh, I’m not into them and i’m sorry D; but I’m totally gonna remember their names (:

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