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Park Bom – “You and I” MV



Her voice is really good, so it’s nice that she got to do a song of her own. She looks really pretty in the music video too. CUPCAKES EVERYWHERE ! Aw the scene with her playing a game with him is so beautiful. I think he’s suffering through an illness and it’s going to be a real sad mv ~ awww, it’s too cute that she makes him cupcakes. Too bad he tries to fall down the stairs but luckily doesn’t succeed. AWWW, she dreams of them having a baby – he draws a picture of her while she’s sleeping. It’s Christmas and she paints a picture of a christmas tree for him. Damn, I’m crying now DD; At the end she’s waiting for him and holds the notebook he drew in. We assume he passed away basically, which sucked ): why’d she have to make such a sad music video DDDDDDD: the end, he writes ‘지켜주지 못해 미안해’ which means ‘Sorry I’m not there to protect you’