091029 SHINee @ Shim Shim Tapa


Ring Ding Dong – Jonghyun’s freakin hot singing with a hoodie and his hand in his pocket, URGH MUST CONTROL MYSELF. Onew’s such a cutie. Key’s wearin his troll ring btw. I love Shinyoung and Shindong just bustin out their moves. Onew’s such a dork for pulling the mic and hittin it in his face for pulling too hard. Shindong pops up from nowhere and makes Taemin so scared. LOL THEN THEY BOTH DO IT (: Onew cracks lol and makes this super duper grin omggg <3 Shindong’s hair sorta matches Taemin’s now.

Y.O.U -Minho’s hear YUUUS, you can hear him sing finally. LMFAO AT THE END, Onew’s so weird, Still holding his mic and makes a creeepy face but flashes his smile xD

Onew : How Deep Is Your Love – I love this song <3 Halfway Key starts being a diva and Taemin joins along. Jonghyun looks dead tired though/I think he’s asleep lol.

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