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U-Kiss – “Man-man-ha-ni” MV Teaser


Credit: 23kwon @ youtube

If you’ve listened to their dance rehearsal, you would’ve heard this teaser already. I like their new concept and Kevin got blonde hair !!! I like everyone’s hair actually. The autotune doesn’t really make me not like the song, I just can’t wait for them to be back (:  I have to say Dongho looks a heck of a lot more mature than ever.


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SS501 – They look a lil tired. Mainly Hyun Joong’s first dance sorta..was not hyper ish. He looked really out of it basically. I love how the screeen in the back matches what they’re doing (: omg Hyun Joon’s hair is killin me. I kind of miss Hyun Joong’s hair all over his face D;

BEAST – I love the whole black and white going on. omg leader and magnae interaction at the end (: they’re too cute, omg they’re like the new IN couple.

MBLAQ – I love the choreo (: I lost all their names so yeah. The Hongki look alike is so hot.

F. T Triple – hehe, they have their own special chant already (: wth is Minhwan wearing ~ it’s like half ogre and half Shrek inspired. Jaejin’s matching a lot though. Poor Minhwan, have to hold the mic and drum. Jaejin’s legs are so small, they make me jealous ;______;

Hwanhee – He injured his knee last week, yet he still managed to film this or maybe this was before…? He’s a really cool performer, takes music like his life and still manages to perform. His vocals weren’t the best but I don’t blame him for anything. I cringed in the chorus thinking he’d leap, thank gawd he didn’t :O

SHINee – Aw, they cut out Jonghyun’s part ;________________; it was my fave too. WTH IS JONGHYUN WEARING ?! Man it’s like not his shining day because he got cut out, and he wears the worst outfit. On the other hand, Onew looks freakin good. Fans love Jonghyun’s head snap and the face wipe, omg I do too *__________* I love the rap so much  <3 expecially that autotune thing that Key mouths after his rap :)

SHINee Winning – It looked like they were so out of it/tired. Jonghyun looked like he was going to cry, but he didn’t lol. Onew’s speech was weird.. Taemin’s super excited he won.



SS501 – “Love like This” MV


Credit: shirbogurl @ youtube

Well it’s about time (; I was at the CD store and managed to stare and cling onto their album for like forever, and ended up buying Hwanhee’s instead. see, if you guys had this mv out before, maybe it would’ve been different (:

What I disliked the most was they were wearing those tattoo tops, URGH THOSE ARE GROSS ! Their choreo isn’t really a wow factor but I love them (: Their hair is cool and somewhat their fashion isn’t bad. The song is super catchy so nothing’s totally ruined. The mv doesn’t have a plot, which means no female lead ! so you just have a lot of eye candy.


Brown Eyed Girls – “Sign” MV


Credit: kpopgirlgroups02 @ youtube

NGL, this creeps me out a lot. The teaser scared the shiz out of me, and so I don’t wanna watch the whole MV. On the bright side, I love their hair and clothing whatever. Narsha isn’t waring another wig xD