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Super Junior M – ‘Oppo’ CF


Credit:typicapocky2 @ youtube

The girl is really cute, and I love the song in the back. Hehe, they’re so cute sneaking to the piano room where she’s playing. She kind of reminds me of Taeyeon in a way. OMG HANKYUNG COVERS HER EYES. Why doesn’t she act so surprised DD; i’d belike omg ! Donghae’s little hip thrust (: hehe, they end up doing htat again. omg Siwon’s holding her hand. His hair is not pretty though. hehe, I really love the note Wook sings when she touches the phone. Henry kneels before her <3 awww why are they all over her and not me ):


SNSD & F(X) – Chocolate Love CF


Credit: protonic9 @ youtube

It’s such a short CF but I think I would like to see it everytime I watch tv :D but unfortunately, the cfs that I see are like months old.

Hyo, Seohyun, and Yuri didn’t get any solo time. It was sort of Jessica, Sooyoung, and Yoona based. The phone itself looks pretty although I don’t think I’d get that even if I had the chance.

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SNSD & F(X) – “Chocolate Love”


Credit: mrjenpoo @ youtube

I listened to this first and though ehh..but ppl really love it. I’m not feeling it and plus they’re having an MV out. You know I’m not a big fan of SNSD so lol i have no really big opinion. But they look pretty ;)

I like this version a lot more, idk why lol. Amber made it better jk. But I like the pop sorta sound to it.  Amber’s rap sorta made it a little better like seriously. I can’t wait to see them ;)

Amber’s pose with her hands…haha lol


SNSD – ShinHan Card CF


Credit: bwmow2 @ youtube

lol I’ve missed them. it’s not a long CF but you get to see their Tell Me Your Wish famous leg kick move again.