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091017 Dream Forest Concert Performances


It was like on the 17 but delayed cause of the baseball game. There wasn’t Music Bank today too yay (:

F(X) – Wow, there’s like a billion of people out there. They sound good lol, but the music in the background is like louder than usual to me. I’ve never noticed Sulli’s ponytail was so freakin’ curly. They look super happy too (: lmao, when they panned over to that fan; she’s a huge fan isn’t she :DDD hehe, Amber gets like the loudest cheers.

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091010 2PM at Dream Concert


Credit: deNainXdeNain @ youtube

This wasn’t allowed to air but they managed to film and upload it. Aw they look so sad ): It kind of upsets me a lot that they have to still sing this without Jay, they don’t even want to geesh. Junsu’s hair is like growing out. Jay’s adlibs are still in the song ;____________________________________; At the end when they stand together, there’s a spot left to fill and at the end where they stand, Jay’s missing in the center too.

Another Fancam Park Jaebeom !

fans shouting Jay’s name


091010 Dream Concert


I’ve been sick for the past two days so I’ve been slacking off and haven’t posted anything.

There were pictures that I was uploading but then my mom came in and got me all pissed and I screwed up and all my pictures were deleted so i don’t have any photos to upload.

So now, I’m not like in the mood and if someone even comes in my room and tells me something; I might just beat them up for no reason and most likely it’ll have to be my idiotic cousin who’s sittin 2 inches away from my face asking me “watcha doing?” for the past hour !

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090919 Super Junior & SNSD – “S.E.O.UL”


Credit: minminalways @ youtube

Fancam’s really clear and not shaky !

CONSPIRACY I TELL YOU. i was super pissed, angry, mad, ready to break someone’s neck off, jealous, sad. But Hae’s always been a good person like helping Ariel, and now Jess. Her mic was not working so like don’t go killing her as well. He was just being kind. It was totally not something sexual T________________________T It’s good to see them all really close in SM, oddly why was she placed right next to him. I read in a comment somewhere that she was Hae’s first love. BUT IDKK, again don’t be really jealous like me. Who’s the guy on the far left? He doesn’t even sing and I can’t see his face clear enough to tell who. Anywho, this paragraph is pretty much reassuring mostly myself that this was totally nothing and its’ not. Calm down. ahh hearing Hae’s was really deep. Doesn’t Siwon look awkward? he’s extremely buff and tall haha.

and now to the actual performance ! I like the song a lot, really promotes Korea. I wonder why they don’t have this back in the States.  I kind of took a while to realize that there’s not everyone there haha.


090919 Super Junior – Asia Song Festival


Credit: sujuthrusts @ youtube

Clip of Sorry Sorry

NO i did NOT find this Donghae fancam lol, I didn’t even know it was. But that’s even better for me ;)

Shaky fancam but I don’t mind. Kangin isn’t here because of the assault case. I can’t belive this month is so bad for the male artists.

Siwon looks like he’s wearing himself on the shirt but maybe that’s just my eyes. Sexy body waves ;) I even replayed it several times to make sure I wasn’t daydreaming again. Donghae <3  How come I never noticed that in the MV? Black suits whooo. Wook has a bow tie ! Kyu’s hair..I can’t get over it lol. It just doesn’t match him. He does look smooth in his dancing.

I was jealous when I saw a pic of Hae and Jess, DDDD;


090920 KBS Open Concert


I’m only postin like one because I’m super busy right now ! But uh this was pre recorded on September 8th

Credit: CodeMonmonSeason4 @ youtube

Sorry if this upsets you or anything but I thought this was new so I decided to watch it. This was the day Jay left Korea to go back home so as you can tell – Taec doesn’t look too happy. He can try all he wants but everyone knows what’s up. He’s not the usual beast and his voice is not his best. I would totally not want to be there if my best friend was leaving.


Super Junior fancam at Hallyu Concert


Credit: ayumi12624 @ youtube

Don’t know the date but I think it’s the same one as Wook’s. If you’re actually watching the whole video you’ll find a really pleasant surprise (if you’re a huge Hyuk fan) but even if you’re not. You’ve gotta love him no matter what. All I can say is he’s really been training hard. LMAO HINT HINT HINT :) Donghae looks ill too );