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2009 Dream Concert Backstage


Credit: sment @ youtube

unf unf unf, spazz *

AW Jesssica and Krystal is super cute !omfgggg Jonghyun’s laptop is a hello kitty ! omgg amber calls Key hyung ! Aw and then “LIZZZZAAAH”

“I look bizarre?”


A liz?

Lizard. Year right lizard.

“You look like a mouse” omfgg Amber is so uber cute.

and key and his random phrases, “OH MY GOD, I’M FREAKING TIRED.” my body is so hot <3 lmaooooooo !


Super Junior M at Bean Curd Culture Festival


Credit: fampar @ youtube

Video quality sucks =/ But we’ll have to just deal with it. You can’t see anything clearly but omg love their voices. I love them so much :) omgg, best song everrrr. Donghae’s hair is not how I like it, and I think he has those shoulder rises whatever that makes his shoulders look really big. Siwon’s voice is my favorite in this song. I just love his deep voice and it fits in so much. I thought Donghae would be in shades but I guess he’s not. Love the suits too, very smexy. Voice at the end did scare me so watch out :)


090912 Super Junior – “Sorry Sorry”


Credit: CodeMonmonSeason4 @ youtube

Okay so I remember this performance, I posted a small one minute clip of it on Sept 5th. But here is the full one ! I think the camera man is amused with fireworks and the whole audience. You get really stupid views of people, HEYYY LOOK AT KYU’S HAIR. It’s weird on him but it’ll be sexy very soon. My best part was cut off too, they freakin zoomed out like a billion times. OMG, it got super annoying when they filmed up like every two secs the fireworks came shooting out. Yesung’s hot lol, love his hair too. A guy with barely a shirt on makes up for almost everything now if it was all 13 guys doing that…xD


090912 2PM on Incheon Korean Music Wave


Credit: CodeMonmonSeason4 @ youtube

This was unfortunately, the last time Jay performed as their leader (as of now of course) Jay will be back ! Khun wasn’t there =/ kind of sucked that much for him too. The stage reminded me of their performance on the top 20’s on Mnet. They look so much like a family ); Things fly by so fast and before you know it; you expect the unexpected. Ironicially, those were my fave outfits that they’ve worn too DDD; I wonder what was going on through their minds, if Jay talked about what he was going to do at all; Taec looks really pissed to me. Anyone notice that? They acted really professionally but I know they were still out of it. Taec surprised or even shocked me during his rap. He’s usually fierced but at that time, (Sept 5th) he looked just angry. I was sure he’s jump off the stage and yell when he took off the shades. Their performance was overall really good but I’m sad it was Jay’s last and Khun wasn’t there DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD;


SNSD Taeyeon & Park Hyo Shin – “Can you hear me?” & “Snowflower”


Credit: dailykpopnews1 @ youtube

Liked the first song she sang. pretty sure she did that one more than once but some people are saying that they don’t match haha. I loved how she sang the first song, man she looks pale btw. FYI for the makeup ppl.

I think she strained so much energy that she had none left but luckily PHS has a really great voice range and he hit like the notes really high O_________O higher than Tae too. I think because of that, their voices didn’t match that much. Tae was really off tune. Their voices don’t match =/ I think her voice was really unique and distinct and when he sings, it’s like that too so it’s hard to blend em together.


090910 M! Countdown


Aw we have a guy’s comeback; I saw him on Pops In Seoul and he seemed very funny ! He was part of Paran. Can you guess who now?  haha RYAN. He sounds fluent in english too, strange how he looks awfully familiar. i’ll have to stalk him more to see.

A lot of collabs this week too. I nearly forgot that there was Mnet today.

Ryan –  I love his voice omgg, he sounds so good live. It’s different from other guys, sorta like really deep manly but it’s soooo good. He holds the notes so well, dude my new fave crush. Watch out :) I like the background too, although the dancers looked random to me, like I hate how sometimes there’s only 2 guys who dance..looks lonely.

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Epik High – Album Teaser


Super duper hate teasers, they’re never something I expect.

Credit: mapthesoul @ youtube

Totally epik lmao. Very creative how they got for the teaser. Don’t hear much of the song but EPIK HIGH IS BACK YA’LLS