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Henry’s Surprise Birthday Party


Credit: sment @ youtube

omg guys happy halloween !!!! I had the best day yesterday (Oct 30) with liltwilliee and everyone else (:

Now onto Henry’s birthday :) This was like a while ago so it’s weird they posted it now… that or they just wanted us to feel loved.


Hyuk’s the camera man probably, and I see Jonghyun in the black hoodie, Minho (possibly) in the black cap. Zhou Mi’s in the white hoodie. They don’t sing happy birthday, instead they say, “Sowoneul malhaebwa, Genie for your wish” lmao. Donghae screams like so loud right in Henry’s face.  and then smashes the cake into Henry’s face xD gawd, I love that guy.  Aw, Jonghyun’s clinging onto Henry. Teuk’s like a creep at the end, looking like he’s about to lick that cake off his face (;


Laugh of the Day – Super Junior M @ Happy Camp


Credit: thethirdchapter @ youtube


Kyu’s trick seemed impossible and I think it is T_______T Wook, he’s super cute and his acting is like wow ! and yeah ! Even Zhou Mi ends up giggling. Kyu ruins Wook’s trick haha. I love Zhou Mi’s trick it’s so cool. Hankyung and him end up doing a trick together lol. and haha spiderman pops out of his trick so cute ;) Wook’s so damn short compared to the others D;


2PM – Unseen Practice Clip of “Again and Again”


Credit: NickhunHorvejk

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a 2PM post ;)

Jay’s in this but Junsu’s not which probably means they did this rehearsal when he was sick. Man whoever finds these clips anyways O_______O

I miss Jay a lot and he sure does goof off like the leader he is :))) The end was really good. Man I miss him ):


Happy Birthday, Donghae <33333333333333 !



KAY SO IMMA SPAZZ OMFGGGGG. IT’S HIS BIRTHDAY OMGG OMG OMG OMG. If you can’t tell, I’m infatuated with him and if he asked me to marry him, I’d do it in a heartbeat just cause i’m crazy like that ;) I didn’t know till I came home so lmao, I’m such a bad fan ):

But um yeah and he’s 23 already, wow. He looks so young though.  :)))))))))

And now a wonderful picture of him –