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Preview Heechul – “ChoByul”


Credit: typicalpocky @ youtube

Ahhh, it doesn’t sound like him at all. Or maybe it is just not what I ever heard. I think it was part of a CF that’s why you hear so many weird people saying stuff.

I like the song though, official release on November 4th, stay tuned !


BEAST – ‘Beast is the B2ST’ Mini Album Review


Crunch time now baby  xDDDDD


I’m still a lil skeptical on this group and the fact that I don’t know their names DDD; but I’d rather listen and then figure it out rather than never try it out. The cover blinds me btw. It’s too white and hard to stare at their faces without blinking every two secs. I need to grab some eye drops after this xD

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SS501 – ‘Rebirth’ Album Review


Oh hot damn, I think Friday’s the day where I’m doing reviews then.

This is late lol, but omg I just had to listen to it after seeing the teaser. I like their new concept, with the smokey eye and the whole punk rock thing going on. But some of their hairs can be better off not slicked ;______;


most of the links that I was looking for were deleted ): so I’m glad I found at least one left.

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Hwanhee – ‘H Soul’ Album Review


YUUUUUS; IT’S FRIDAY  <333333 which means I can totally dedicate my entire weekend to my computer (: yes I have no life D;


Hwanhee’s hair reminds me very much of Kim Hyun Joongs, only really white blond. Man, I’ve missed his voice. I never knew he has rock hard abs. They look delicious. I hope he performs it lookin like that. I kid, I kid.

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SHINee – ‘2009, Year of Us’


01. Y.O.U (Year of Us) – UNF UNF UNFFFF, i loved the small preview of this song ♥ freakin’ amazing. I love Jonghyun starting the song, actually wait, I like Taemin’s vocals, wait no, I love Key’s part, wait no Onew’s ! Minho should’ve gotten more lines, ugh idk why people never give him more than like two lines T_T

02. Ring Ding Dong – I found the title so horny, yeah I was so mature ;)

But I love this song. I even sang it in my head during my whole training session today :DDDD I don’t think there’s much left to say cuz I’ve spazzed enough in the MV post <3

03. JoJo – I love everyone’s part before the chorus. It sounds so nice. The whole chorus is amazing. I wish my name was JoJo DDD; Minho’s rap was too sexy.

04. Get Down feat. Luna – Key and Minho’s rap ~ idk who owned who because both were really good. Luna’s vocals sounds so quiet like I couldn’t even hear her. I can totally imagine them doing a rap battle on stage for this maybe over me?

05. SHINee Girl – They’re using a lot of english and it makes it sound so much more sexy ;DDDDDD I like this song cause it totally describes us fans (:

06. 내가 사랑했던 이름 (The Name I Loved) – This is Onew’s duet with a guy named Kim Yeon Woo ;) I personally love his voice and him duet with Jessica was lovely <33 Ahhh, this song melts my heart.

Overall, I’m super pleased with the whole album. I love it. I might just buy it in the end (: and go broke again


Preview Big Bang – “Let Me Hear Your Voice” 3rd Japanese Single


Credit: imbisibells @ youtube

Not the best quality ;_________;

This song is going to be used in a japanese drama ;) hehehee.  They haven’t really did a korean single and are already back for Japan ): I hear Taeyang the most out of the preview and Daesung. I wonder what the rap’s gonna sound like if there is going to be on ;) There isn’t auto tone so it’s like their real voices and it sounds upbeat. I likey <3


BEAST – “Bad Girl”


Credit: mrjenpoo @ youtube

B2ST changed to BEAST so just a heads up ;) It’ll make it easier for me to type even though B2ST isn’t super challenging. AJ, omggg I like the picture. It’s super white but really cute. I like the guy on the far right flashing his pearly whites and AJ’s hair is beautiful. do you notice that corner of his shift lifted up ? omfg, it’s beautiful too.

The song’s really typical and I love the beginning although it won’t sound like that live huh. It sounds very Big Bang to me. I like the chorus and whoever sings it has a really sweet voice. Whoever does the verses, I’m curious to know his real voice. (: The rapper reminds me of TOP a lil and someone.. I can’t remember. The chorus makes me addicted though.

Debut is 15th I believe and it won’t be on Music Core or whatever, it’ll be through MTV.

What’s so cool about this group is they’re using their real names so AJ won’t be all AJ anymore ;) so it might be a little more confusing.


1. Yoon Doo Joon [ LEADER ]
2. Son Dong Woon [ MAKNAE ]
3. Yang Yo Seob
4. Lee Ki Kwang aka AJ
5. Jang Hyun Seung aka SO-1
6. Yong Joon Hyung aka Poppin’ Dragon

Magnae doesn’t look much like magnae at all hehe.