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SS501 – ‘Rebirth’ Photojacket Photos


Tee hee, I like what i’m seeing. Everything from Hyun Joong’s moobs to Kyu’s sexiness. I kind of don’t like his first photo but the second one was really hot. I like the whole guyliner look too (: They’re not bleaching their hair and adding tattoos so that’s nice. I can’t wait for their comeback ;)


SHINee – “2009, Year of Us” Photos


SM decides to tease us with each members’ photos being released day by day. Jonghyun’s was first !

I really like his hair although, everyone’s hair seems to be blond now. I like it actually on him. It makes him look a lot more uhh hardcore yet cute.

I actually like Taemin’s alot. Maybe it’s just me but I think it looks way better than before. I think the braids didn’t turn me off at all. And the picture of his hair straightened was sex <3

Onew’s hair isn’t making me cry but it’s just really short and that makes me sad. I wish he kept his hair before; it was really lookin good on him. I like the reddish color on him though.

I’m sad they haven’t done anything to Minho’s hair but at the same time it’s better than having it slaughtered away. He has the same face but the way he presents it is really prettty.

Key ); I hated this day to come dear gawdd. He looks more like a goth person doesn’t he ;______________; make me have to cry now. Sighhhhhh ! I don’t like it and the hair kind of matches Jaejin’s only he makes it cute. I want his hair to be back to brown !


SHU-I on Junior Magazine


It’s probably my first time seeing them up close. I would so look forward to seeing them transform over the years. One of the guys look like a mix of Mike He don’t ya think? The rest are probably unique. Some of them look like girls and make me jealous such as the guy with the ponytail. The guy in the yellow sweater makes me so jealous, he looks perfect. They look really cute ;)


Yoochun & Jaejoong on FRaU Magazine


I like the photos a lot but Yoochun’s hair looks really short and makes him look like a girl if you look at it from an angle. But he does look amazing. Jaejoong looks the same hot usual person he is. His smile is so cute, I can just picture his laugh like right now.


SHINee – “Machyeoteumyeo”


the single isn’t out yet so don’t freak out and think I didn’t upload the video :)

I just wanted to “tease” you with this photo of them. It’s already their uh 3rd mini album. They seem to come back really fast, they just promoted Romeo back in May which is funny cause now I’m never really sad that they’re on break cuz they’re always looking awfully busy.

Now to the photo…

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Taeyang – Comeback Photos


He doesn’t look different or anything but I really do miss him. He has never had a gf, O______O can you believe that cuz I can’t at all. He’s not bad and definitely someone i’d consider ;) but I guess he was just too busy with stuff.

Anyways he won’t be promoting “Where U At” cuz his plans of promoting his second single will extend till the end of this year, haha which means he’ll be competing against GD :DDDDDD


Super Junior M – Super Girl Album Taiwan Edition


I totally love all the photos though, Wook probably looks the hottest in the photos, I’m sad that Hae doesn’t get a page ): Or maybe the author took it and kept it to his/herself haha. I’m pretty pleased with the photos but will be more when I get my hands on them :)