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Taegoon – Change the World


Credit: 2yunnie206 @ youtube

OMG finally I get to see something related to Taegoon ;) It’s cool how he’s so cute, and smiley and his voice is so full of sex. he calls Jae btw lol.




091024 Infinite Challenge with 2PM


Credits to time2sub2

Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6 , Part 7

Hehe, I finally get to recap something related to 2PM again. This time it’s infinite challenge ;) They’re planting rice btw, which means FUN !

Wow so much rice has actually been already grown, in case of them screwing up ? lol jkay. The farmer tells them what to do but end up asking something that’s the complete opposite. Jae Suk doesn’t wanna help and just talks with the ahjumma. I love ths subtitles btw, but subbed makes it a lot funnier. lol Jae Suk poses for ‘newspaper article’ man idk that guy’s name but he’s always grunting lol. the rice wasn’t even hard and he makes it so funny. lol he says YOU SON OF A.. ! and stops. lol I’m excited for PMS to show up, where is he ? he also mentions that they’ve learned a lot on this show but never shows any from it, true lol. A big tractor comes in and they all climb in and hope to ‘learn’. Dang planting rice is not easy, they have to add water, but have a lunch break. Of course that guy’s excited lol. lol he has to make an offer by throwing rice wine, but of course he thinks it’s a complete waste. Haha, he drinks one glass, eats a piece then drinks another glass. man he is really downing that rice wine. I counted 4 shots already, and counting.. and that’s the end lol. Happy watching !



Laughs of the Day – Key & HyukNa’s Dance


Key’s nose picking – such a cute innocent boy, I’m surprised I never saw pics of that lol. He does explain that it’s not that he sticks his finger up his nose. Hehe, true, i do that a lot too. omg his hair is perfect, but why does it look so bad during their performances. Onew omg, he looks like a hot nerd that came out of drama school. Taemin’s hair  urgh T__________T

Hyuk and Hyuna’s Dance – lol, MY EAR’S CANDY ;) Shindong and that girl show us how it’s done and then they try (: Teuk’s so jealous ;DDDDDDDDD lol the way he does the saranghae is too cute omggg he’s such a dork !!!  Teuk’s a big failure too lol.


Laugh of the Day – JoKwon vs Brian


Credit: typicalpocky @ youtube

hehe it’s Strong Heart (: and look at LSG omgg he looks good.  Did you see the pics of his new apartment, it was around 2 million bucks so sweet. But it looked really amazing, i wish I could live there with him.

Anyways moving onto the funny clip ;  Kwon starts off with a big diva face, and Brian tries to copy lmao ! Hyuk and Shindong are also on the show  <3 lol and he starts singing a song and he makes it all his style. What a cutie (: He gets to sing A friend’s Confession and I sitll love that song. I wish they would still promote it. I love how he’s so serious and then Gee comes up lol and his surprised face. LSG omfg.  haha his dance never gets old though. Too bad Brian wanted to take his diva crown and challenged him. omgg you never do that to Kwon. I never knew Jang Nara had an ear piercing :O  omgg and Brian does single ladies. Why’s he so cute ?! but Kwon won’t give up (: haha i love his damn legs but wth is he wearing on his feet.

I say both are tied <33


Preview Invincible Youth


Credit: smoothyeco1st @ youtube

If you haven’t known, this show is sorta like family outing, only it’s mostly based on the girl members of the popular idol groups. haha Hyomin’s on this show and I love her so much. Aw it’s sad to see Yuri cry at the end ):


Preview 2PM on ‘Infinity Challenge”


Credit: yanaftwtwo @ youtube

Hehe, the pd won’t delete Jay’s footage so we get to see him act like him ! And I have to watch this week’s episode of him with Junho on it too <3


Laugh of the Day… 091003 Star King Chuseok Special – SHINee & 2AM Cut


Credit: TessLoveMusic1 @ youtube

I’ve been meaning to watch this but now there’s no excuse cuz it’s subbed ;)

Boom and Kwon dance to My Ear’s candy, I love them lol and I like the earrings  (; good play on words lol Kwon’s sure working his grinding very well with Boom. Taemin does his facial expressions and um, he’s getting really good and making all the nunas really giddy. omg Minho as the pharaoh. The backup ppl are really good. lol he’s such a cute fail tryin to say he’s the pharaoh. I love Key’s expression ;) goodness the girls try to dance with him and um, really AWKWARD THERE. I’M GETTIN ALL AWKWARD MYSELF. He tries to like move his eyes away lol, what a cute boy (: Ho Dong lol, tryin to carry him. This robot lady comes out again and I remember seeing her back in another ep. she’s freakin me out :O omg I just realized she’s in a snow white outfit ;))) Taemin as the prince omgggggg <3 Jealous ); lmao when he tries to dance with her, it’s all slow. GAWD I JUST WANNA HUG HIM RIGHT NOW. He asks for another kiss OMGGGGG LIPS LIPS LIPS NO WAY. >.< lol i love the elderly lady rapping.