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Listen to… 2PM – “You might Come Back”


Credit: cchungalung @ youtube

This is like the hottest’ anthem right now. This song has like a whole new meaning now, and all the comments are Jay spam so yeah. ); I can’t help but cry. It’s gonna be a long night for me guys. And school’s tomorrow. Wish me luck -__________________________________________-


J feat Alex (Clazziquai) – “Say I love You”


Credit: 919urnobody919 @ youtube

I have to say I just got into Clazziquai and it’s one of the great groups that don’t get noticed alot along with DNT & others. But I mean, it’s super hard to be really catchy and catch on with a lot of fame.

This is probably one of the best ballads I’ve heard :) it’s soooo pretty. I guess J is new because the album has only one track. OMG, <3 she might be my new fave female artist. Her voice is so pretty.  I’m pretty much gonna say this is my Listen to.. post because I’m stuck on this song.


Listen to… SG Wannabe & feat. Kim Jong Kook – “Only the Wind”


Credit: pinkfighter7 @ youtube

I actually saw this on tv early this morning but unfortunately they couldn’t finish the whole MV and since I’m a huge fan of Dennis Oh (YES COME BACK TO ACTING NOW?) I decided to look it up online and wow it’s like 8 minutes which is alot haha. I love the song, amazing vocals and music. but OMG this is the worst ending, it’s so sad ); and then there’s a part 2 to the MV which okay actually made me cry ! DDD; this is the first everrr mv that has made me cry ):

Part 2

Credit: niarjub @ youtube


Listen to… MC the Max – “The following Car is Honking”


Credit: sesexyback @ youtube

Sorry I was MIA on this post for so long, but here it is again xD I like this song alot and the beginning beat is like awesome, and the chorus is addicting. I thought the title would be like “Don’t Leave” or something but it’s got an interesting title. :)