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091024 Infinite Challenge with 2PM


Credits to time2sub2

Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6 , Part 7

Hehe, I finally get to recap something related to 2PM again. This time it’s infinite challenge ;) They’re planting rice btw, which means FUN !

Wow so much rice has actually been already grown, in case of them screwing up ? lol jkay. The farmer tells them what to do but end up asking something that’s the complete opposite. Jae Suk doesn’t wanna help and just talks with the ahjumma. I love ths subtitles btw, but subbed makes it a lot funnier. lol Jae Suk poses for ‘newspaper article’ man idk that guy’s name but he’s always grunting lol. the rice wasn’t even hard and he makes it so funny. lol he says YOU SON OF A.. ! and stops. lol I’m excited for PMS to show up, where is he ? he also mentions that they’ve learned a lot on this show but never shows any from it, true lol. A big tractor comes in and they all climb in and hope to ‘learn’. Dang planting rice is not easy, they have to add water, but have a lunch break. Of course that guy’s excited lol. lol he has to make an offer by throwing rice wine, but of course he thinks it’s a complete waste. Haha, he drinks one glass, eats a piece then drinks another glass. man he is really downing that rice wine. I counted 4 shots already, and counting.. and that’s the end lol. Happy watching !



Preview 2PM on ‘Infinity Challenge”


Credit: yanaftwtwo @ youtube

Hehe, the pd won’t delete Jay’s footage so we get to see him act like him ! And I have to watch this week’s episode of him with Junho on it too <3


2PM – Unseen Practice Clip of “Again and Again”


Credit: NickhunHorvejk

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a 2PM post ;)

Jay’s in this but Junsu’s not which probably means they did this rehearsal when he was sick. Man whoever finds these clips anyways O_______O

I miss Jay a lot and he sure does goof off like the leader he is :))) The end was really good. Man I miss him ):


091010 2PM at Dream Concert


Credit: deNainXdeNain @ youtube

This wasn’t allowed to air but they managed to film and upload it. Aw they look so sad ): It kind of upsets me a lot that they have to still sing this without Jay, they don’t even want to geesh. Junsu’s hair is like growing out. Jay’s adlibs are still in the song ;____________________________________; At the end when they stand together, there’s a spot left to fill and at the end where they stand, Jay’s missing in the center too.

Another Fancam Park Jaebeom !

fans shouting Jay’s name


091010 Dream Concert


I’ve been sick for the past two days so I’ve been slacking off and haven’t posted anything.

There were pictures that I was uploading but then my mom came in and got me all pissed and I screwed up and all my pictures were deleted so i don’t have any photos to upload.

So now, I’m not like in the mood and if someone even comes in my room and tells me something; I might just beat them up for no reason and most likely it’ll have to be my idiotic cousin who’s sittin 2 inches away from my face asking me “watcha doing?” for the past hour !

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SHU-I dancing to “Again and Again”


Credit: shuiful @ youtube

haha this made me lol but I thought I was lookin at something pro. lol the red guy, he makes me LOLLLLLLLLLL. Heechul much? Guy in wifebeater, omg wth. I totally feel like knowing their names ;))))))  haha the random fight was really funny, i love how he’sj ust everywhere. I can’t see their faces much but i don’t really care lol. Or at least yet. I love that they’re getting themselves out there, reminds me of 2PM a lot );


091004 Star Dance Battle


YEAHHHH, I love this show ;) Sorry I didn’t post it yesterday, I was not feeling well at all.

Afterschool performing Again and Again – The leader is freakin skinny, her stomach is freakin flat. I love that she has the “2PM, this is for you guys” on her arm. She really rocked the stage, I mean they all did. I’m glad they’re doing something not sexy you know. It’s awesome ;) Everyone’s all cheerin for em. ;))))

Boom did Abracadabra which was hilarious !!!! i love him <3 but i can’t find the link lol. And at the end the song mentioned 2PM too, i love everyone mentioning them.

SNSD doing Sorry Sorry – I’m glad they did this song again lol. They’re so good this time. SHINee doing it too <3333 Hyo, omggg I can’t get enough of her dancing  ;))))))))))))

Dance Break –  Changmin is such a fan girl haha. I love how they dance so in sync, and their little hats ;) reminded me of MJ.

Super Junior doing Genie – omggg, they’re so cute ;))))))))))))))))))) I loe Teuk’s voice lol. This sounds just like the male version i’ve listened to. Hyuk raps omggggg..i’m dying (((((((((((((: omgg I love Shindong’s hair as well. They dance so well (: haha but then again; they’re such dorks and dance it the sexiest fail way ever. 4 guys made me spazz already so all 13 would just make me die. I don’t like Teuk’s little ponytail though, but idc. I loved the dance break lol. Hyuk the dancing machine, i can’t get enough of his dancing either. haha then their leg pants part comes off hehe. And I’ve read that Teuk teased and said he got his hair lasered for the performance ;) Love that peformance ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Kara doing Nobody – I haven’t listened to this song for a while and it’s still so catchy. They did suuuuper well. I like Nicole’s rapping too.

2AM doing Hot Issue – I didn’t spot 4Minute in here so I have like no idea. Kwon got me so excited lol. I was like freakin spazing already. They dance first in korean clothes and lol Seulong’s shades. They should totally ditch ballads xDDDDDDDDDDDDD Changmin did that sexy move with his leg so well lol. Seulong’s still so stiff, omgg Jinwon, ur killing me ! He’s like the Taemin in the group haha, or maybe Changmin is haha. 2AM boys lmao. ahhh they rip their clothes again, and omgg is Changmin high cuz he’s everywhere but idk Kwon’s still actin the same haha. I love his purple rich woman thing though haha. And damn his legs are so skinny.

SHINee does Boys on Top – i got hooked to this song thanks to liltwillie T_T but damn they just sexed it up. Boom haha omgg he sure is grooving. I love Key’s straight hair though, its freakin hot. Taemin’s lookin hot too…omggg and he’s only 17 or 16 whatever ?!??!!?!? Onew’s voice is so hot, ii love his voice. idk Taemin at 28 secs killed me. Key’s performing so well, he must be really hyped up haha. they refer to all the girls group in the middle of the song too haha. I think Minho’s rap killed me too okay i don’t know; i’m dying ! haha but when they went on the back up dancers, it was pretty awkward to me lol. I really enjoyed the performance so i’m like replaying it forever ;)))))))