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091024 Infinite Challenge with 2PM


Credits to time2sub2

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Hehe, I finally get to recap something related to 2PM again. This time it’s infinite challenge ;) They’re planting rice btw, which means FUN !

Wow so much rice has actually been already grown, in case of them screwing up ? lol jkay. The farmer tells them what to do but end up asking something that’s the complete opposite. Jae Suk doesn’t wanna help and just talks with the ahjumma. I love ths subtitles btw, but subbed makes it a lot funnier. lol Jae Suk poses for ‘newspaper article’ man idk that guy’s name but he’s always grunting lol. the rice wasn’t even hard and he makes it so funny. lol he says YOU SON OF A.. ! and stops. lol I’m excited for PMS to show up, where is he ? he also mentions that they’ve learned a lot on this show but never shows any from it, true lol. A big tractor comes in and they all climb in and hope to ‘learn’. Dang planting rice is not easy, they have to add water, but have a lunch break. Of course that guy’s excited lol. lol he has to make an offer by throwing rice wine, but of course he thinks it’s a complete waste. Haha, he drinks one glass, eats a piece then drinks another glass. man he is really downing that rice wine. I counted 4 shots already, and counting.. and that’s the end lol. Happy watching !



Preview 2PM on ‘Infinity Challenge”


Credit: yanaftwtwo @ youtube

Hehe, the pd won’t delete Jay’s footage so we get to see him act like him ! And I have to watch this week’s episode of him with Junho on it too <3


2PM – Unseen Practice Clip of “Again and Again”


Credit: NickhunHorvejk

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a 2PM post ;)

Jay’s in this but Junsu’s not which probably means they did this rehearsal when he was sick. Man whoever finds these clips anyways O_______O

I miss Jay a lot and he sure does goof off like the leader he is :))) The end was really good. Man I miss him ):


091010 2PM at Dream Concert


Credit: deNainXdeNain @ youtube

This wasn’t allowed to air but they managed to film and upload it. Aw they look so sad ): It kind of upsets me a lot that they have to still sing this without Jay, they don’t even want to geesh. Junsu’s hair is like growing out. Jay’s adlibs are still in the song ;____________________________________; At the end when they stand together, there’s a spot left to fill and at the end where they stand, Jay’s missing in the center too.

Another Fancam Park Jaebeom !

fans shouting Jay’s name