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Big Bang – “Let Me Hear Your Voice” MV


Credit: Theygmusic @ youtube

3rd japanese single <3 TOP’S stares are so intense. Taeyang looks really good, and I love his japanese. He looks so hot just walking. Seungri <3 lol that boy’s too cute on family outing. Daesung’s here (: I LOVE their voices, man this song’s already too good. GD and TOP don’t sing much =/ actually do they even sing ? Daesung’s so cute sitting on that dice. I love the chorus though, and like everything they’re wearing is perfect.

GD and TOP rap in english though, wow they sound good. TOP does the ‘butterfly’ hehe.



091025 Inkigayo


So many performances today ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD including ss501’s comeback stage. Kim Tae Woo won this week, (2nd time)

SS501 -yay, they did Only One Day ;DDDD, Kyu Jong’s tooo hot omgggggggggg (: Hyun Joong’s vocals aren’t the best here though, man the makeup makes him look super tired.  I never saw the beginning post for Love like This. Man the cheers are freakin loud. I thought magnae was naked DD; I love the stage. I’m not digging the inside shirts, makes him look a tattooed everywhere. Everytime they say hey girl ~ I think the fans should stay, hey boy ~

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091018 Music Core


OMGG, HWANHEE AND SS501’S COMEBACK STAGE <33333333333333333333333333333333 ;)

I haven’t been this excited in a very long time.This week’s performances were recorded last week, shown this week.

SS501 – AHHHH, THEY CAME OUT OF LIKE NOWHERE FROM THE LIGHT AND HYUN JOONG COMES UP AND DOES HIS SEX FACE OMG -DIES- I have to say I’ve hated their choreo from all the other songs but this one makes me love it s omuch (: The mics sorta messed up their singing ughhhhh. But they sound so good live ♥ I like what they’re weraing too, damn the chants are already so loud. ahhh, I’m addicted to the chorus dance. It’s quite a big competition to SHINee now.

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G-Dragon – “Butterfly” MV


Credit: babyB0ngaholic @ youtube

urghh, what happened to A BOY ??!?!?!!?!? I’m pissed that he doesn’t release an mv for it when there was a teaser for it right after Breathe. And this isn’t one of my fave songs DDD;

Anyways, I like the mv a lot. It’s like some disney wonderland (: only Korean with GD. Gosh, he looks really good and isn’t his smile so cute (((((: makes me have goosebumps cause he’s too cute. I love the part where he’s just lfying on that bird with that girl. I like the cartoons in the mv, I wonder how it was like bts lol. You know actually, I really take it back; I do like the song hehe <3

Taeyang vs GD this week !!!!!