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Laugh of the Day… 091003 Star King Chuseok Special – SHINee & 2AM Cut


Credit: TessLoveMusic1 @ youtube

I’ve been meaning to watch this but now there’s no excuse cuz it’s subbed ;)

Boom and Kwon dance to My Ear’s candy, I love them lol and I like the earrings  (; good play on words lol Kwon’s sure working his grinding very well with Boom. Taemin does his facial expressions and um, he’s getting really good and making all the nunas really giddy. omg Minho as the pharaoh. The backup ppl are really good. lol he’s such a cute fail tryin to say he’s the pharaoh. I love Key’s expression ;) goodness the girls try to dance with him and um, really AWKWARD THERE. I’M GETTIN ALL AWKWARD MYSELF. He tries to like move his eyes away lol, what a cute boy (: Ho Dong lol, tryin to carry him. This robot lady comes out again and I remember seeing her back in another ep. she’s freakin me out :O omg I just realized she’s in a snow white outfit ;))) Taemin as the prince omgggggg <3 Jealous ); lmao when he tries to dance with her, it’s all slow. GAWD I JUST WANNA HUG HIM RIGHT NOW. He asks for another kiss OMGGGGG LIPS LIPS LIPS NO WAY. >.< lol i love the elderly lady rapping.


JoKwon’s Heartbreaker Parody on Star King


Credit: elavip2  @ youtube

lmao it’s parody weeek on that show so Jokwon has to pop out somewhere ;)))

I love his abs and arms omggg *_* that tank is way too small for him but omg that’s perfect. I love the apples lol, makes me wanna use em for Halloween. but omgg when the old guy came out and busted out the moves lol, I was like LOLLL and then the captions all “WOWW” when he perfects it haha. Boom and the lady behind the wall was pretty random.


090919 SNSD – Star King Cuts


Credit: CodeMonmonSeason4 @ youtube

Part 2

I’ve missed Boom’s voice )*:

Aw they’re so pretty. I love Tiff’s billboard pic. Her hair short looks amazing. Jess works that short hair so well, I like it way more than the extensions. So envious of their thighs, mine are HUGEEE.  Haha love Boom and everyone trying out the first move. The trainers are extremely buff and you can already see them sweating so much. Wow Tiff’s thighs are like 20 inches which is incredible ! Anyone can pretty much get those results as long as you do what they do.

I’m gonna totally try tohse things they’re doing ;)