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Brown Eyed Girls – “Sign” MV


Credit: kpopgirlgroups02 @ youtube

NGL, this creeps me out a lot. The teaser scared the shiz out of me, and so I don’t wanna watch the whole MV. On the bright side, I love their hair and clothing whatever. Narsha isn’t waring another wig xD


Brown Eyed Girls – “Drunk on Sleep” Preview


Credit: mardirock @ youtube

argh, I thought this would be upbeat lol. Halfway, they finally start singing, I love the melody though. It reminds me a lot of stars (;

Speaking of that picture; I really love their new concept. No one’s wearing spandex phew.


Brown Eyed Girls – “Sign” MV Teaser


Credit: mardirock @ youtube

It looks really scary lol, I haven’t pressed play yet but it’ll start any minute now. Holy cow, it starts with dramatic scary piano music with a guy on a chair and I guess BEG hanging ?! damn the things that male voice is saying freaks me out too much D;

on the bright side, repackaged album coming out soon !


091017 Dream Forest Concert Performances


It was like on the 17 but delayed cause of the baseball game. There wasn’t Music Bank today too yay (:

F(X) – Wow, there’s like a billion of people out there. They sound good lol, but the music in the background is like louder than usual to me. I’ve never noticed Sulli’s ponytail was so freakin’ curly. They look super happy too (: lmao, when they panned over to that fan; she’s a huge fan isn’t she :DDD hehe, Amber gets like the loudest cheers.

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Preview Invincible Youth


Credit: smoothyeco1st @ youtube

If you haven’t known, this show is sorta like family outing, only it’s mostly based on the girl members of the popular idol groups. haha Hyomin’s on this show and I love her so much. Aw it’s sad to see Yuri cry at the end ):


090920 Inkigayo


F(X) – Haha, Luna cracked in the beginning. I think Krystal looks nicer, haha. I love her hair and makeup. She looks really natural. Sulli’s slowlyyy turning into my fave. Haha, sorry Amber ): Victoria reminds me very much of a chinese actress, I can’t even remember her name. I hope they promote Mr Boogie after this ;)

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090911 Music Bank


I like the performances this week as well. I think most of the stars are going soon? and bringing in the new groups and stuff as well. F(X)’s DEBUT STAGE WAS ONNNN AS WELL, REALLY EXCITED TO WATCH IT HEHEHEHEHEEHEHE. (Yes I recap while I watch if you haven’t known that only because I don’t remember what I wanna say once I end the video)

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