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Han Hyo Joo & Chung Lim for Jambangee


lol wow she was hardly recognizable to me. I guess i’m just used to her cute personality and now that she’s modeling for jeans with Chung Lim which by the way they do look cute together xD (SORRY LSG<3) but I really love them together. Her long hair and stuff gives off a weird vibe, totally opposite from Shining Inheritance. I absolutely think that the pic with her leaning on him with his camera is my fave cuz it’s just too cute ! :)


Chung Lim – “Chewed Gum” MV


yayyy it’s finally out! thanks to jaeuraznmv1 for the video.

You know, his image is slowly different now, I remember that guy who danced Step with the long hair lol. He looks way better now, I like the MV it’s really cute and now I finally get why it’s called Chew Gum. But wow, the girl must be blind, the other guy is so nasty  DD; but sad ending, his stare is so freaky. :)