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Taegoon – Change the World


Credit: 2yunnie206 @ youtube

OMG finally I get to see something related to Taegoon ;) It’s cool how he’s so cute, and smiley and his voice is so full of sex. he calls Jae btw lol.




Yoochun & Jaejoong on FRaU Magazine


I like the photos a lot but Yoochun’s hair looks really short and makes him look like a girl if you look at it from an angle. But he does look amazing. Jaejoong looks the same hot usual person he is. His smile is so cute, I can just picture his laugh like right now.


Jaejoon & Yoochun – “Shelter”


Credit: sharingyoochun @ youtube

I prefer this song vs Colors. I’m so glad they released this after the song, it’s like a tease. Jae sings and Yoochun raps again, but idk something about this song really makes me fall in love with it. I heard it only once so far and I already love it whereas  Colors sorta got me after a few listens.

They also did an interview…

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SNSD’s OST in Heading to the Ground


Part 1 – Love this OST alot, Jess’ voice is really sweet. I think it’s probably the only voice I hear. Speaking of this drama, I haven’t gotten to watch it yet or even check if the first ep is subbed. Yunho’s hair really bugs me, I’m so used to the more styled hair of his. The girl is really lucky too, Ara right?

Part 2 – You hear like a bunch of voices in this, or at least it’s me but it’s sweet too. Kind of annoying how it’s at the end where there’s still dialogue.


DBSK Yoochun & Jaejoong on ARENA37℃ Magazine


Aw I miss those smiley faces ! I’m happy to see them like this. These are the scans for their duet song together. I wish all the DBSK members were on haha. I think my faves are of Yoochun, he somehow looks different; cleaner i suppose? Jae’s the same to me. I like what he’s wearing too :)


DBSK – “Colors – Melody & Harmony”


Credit: jh20121 @ youtube

The melody is a little weird but their singing is really beautiful. Yoochun even says Keep the Faith <3 omg this brings me to tears ): I love the piano bits of it too. Their voices match so much, it’s like love lol. I find 5 minutes of the song not even enough lol. The chorus is really upbeat, :) then Yoochun raps right after, and it’s really good. His smexy deep voice is awesome :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I’m definitely gonna replay this song


Preview for Dream Concert – DBSK & Super Junior


Credit: usogee @ youtube

I thought DBSK was suspending activities…? Well I’m glad that they’re in the preview, that means they should be attending. Super Junior is a must too. It wouldn’t be a dream concert without those two groups.