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Epik High – “Wannabe” MV


Credit: mapthesoul @ youtube

It starts off with Tablo taking pics of Tukutz and a girl, i love the guitar and the guy’s voice btw.

lmao then this huge monster comes and they both run without the girl, love Tablo’s face and acting. Haha and then they mourn about it and come across the monster’s foot, and LOLL THE BOY’S TAKE A PICTURE OF IT WITH TUKUTZ. Then they go with light sabers and stuff and fight the monster off, unsuccessfully. Haha they go home and Tablo tears up gummy worms to eat, how cool that is and it looks like Tukutz is breaking a lizard in half.

They go to the warehouse (out of all places) and finds the monster..MITHRA. Too bad it says to be continued at the end.

Love Epik High ;)


090917 M! Countdown


I don’t think I ever saw Epik High perform since they were like in the States for quite a while but they had their comeback today. ;) We also had a new girl group, HAM debuting (seriously, who comes up with the names?)

Sadly, it was Taec’s last stage for a while. I can’t believe it =/

Credit: urasiansourcekpop @ youtube

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Epik High on Music Travel La La La


Credit: CodeMonmonSeason4 @ youtube

Their album just came out !

Love this song so much <3 Does Tablo look really energetic haha ;) Can’t wait to see those wedding photos. Love his beanie hood whatever, it looks so cute. I can just imagine him running a mile right now after he’s done with the song lol. Look at that boy move around that stage. It’s weird how there’s no audience haah. Imagine all the screams.

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Epik High – Album Teaser


Super duper hate teasers, they’re never something I expect.

Credit: mapthesoul @ youtube

Totally epik lmao. Very creative how they got for the teaser. Don’t hear much of the song but EPIK HIGH IS BACK YA’LLS