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091023 Music Bank


SS501 – They look a lil tired. Mainly Hyun Joong’s first dance sorta..was not hyper ish. He looked really out of it basically. I love how the screeen in the back matches what they’re doing (: omg Hyun Joon’s hair is killin me. I kind of miss Hyun Joong’s hair all over his face D;

BEAST – I love the whole black and white going on. omg leader and magnae interaction at the end (: they’re too cute, omg they’re like the new IN couple.

MBLAQ – I love the choreo (: I lost all their names so yeah. The Hongki look alike is so hot.

F. T Triple – hehe, they have their own special chant already (: wth is Minhwan wearing ~ it’s like half ogre and half Shrek inspired. Jaejin’s matching a lot though. Poor Minhwan, have to hold the mic and drum. Jaejin’s legs are so small, they make me jealous ;______;

Hwanhee – He injured his knee last week, yet he still managed to film this or maybe this was before…? He’s a really cool performer, takes music like his life and still manages to perform. His vocals weren’t the best but I don’t blame him for anything. I cringed in the chorus thinking he’d leap, thank gawd he didn’t :O

SHINee – Aw, they cut out Jonghyun’s part ;________________; it was my fave too. WTH IS JONGHYUN WEARING ?! Man it’s like not his shining day because he got cut out, and he wears the worst outfit. On the other hand, Onew looks freakin good. Fans love Jonghyun’s head snap and the face wipe, omg I do too *__________* I love the rap so much  <3 expecially that autotune thing that Key mouths after his rap :)

SHINee Winning – It looked like they were so out of it/tired. Jonghyun looked like he was going to cry, but he didn’t lol. Onew’s speech was weird.. Taemin’s super excited he won.



091029 M! Countdown


Urgh, I’m getting pretty sick of them releasing it a week later T___________________T

4Minute – I love the lalala part of the song (: I think this song is super catchy and I love what they’re wearing too. Gayoon unfortunately hurt her ankle walking off stage and was treated at the hospital ):

Seo In Gook – YUUUUS, HE GOT TO DO A LIVE ;D I love his voice, btw this performance was done in TWO takes because of the transition from mv to the huge choir. I love what he’s freakin wearing. The way he walks up from the stairs, they look just like stars. He does a really great live for his first performance. He sure closes his eyes a lot, but he looks with such passion. The chorus is my fave, he sings it so well (: He reminds me of a younger generation of Hwanhee lol. No one can replace him but I love Seo In Gook :)

F.T Triple – THEY LOOK TOO HOT FOR ME TO STARE AT ;OOOOOOOO. Give me a moment to hold myself together (if I can xD) Jaejin’s looking really good, OMG JONGHUN’S WEARING THAT HEADBAND. I love the trio actually, they mesh really well, and it doesn’t sound just Hongki singing. Jaejin’s voice is like an angel, too soft but sexy (: His hair is like a hot mess. Minhwan omg *__________* I wish they did like a dance song lol, even if Hongki sucks at dancing.

Hwanhee – He barely looks recognizable anymore. From the side, he looks a lot like Wheesung. I love his album so much I’ve decided to get that before SHINee and SS501. I have like five albums I really wanna buy but Hwanhee’s is a must (: The dang mics ruin the song though. He got to perform two songs (: That’s what I love most about comebacks. Bring it Back wasn’t the song I loved the most, he should’ve done Getting Down :)))))))The choreo of Because I missed your heart is like people flying everywhere lol.

MBLAQ VS BEAST (Click individual names for each performance) -Of course MBLAQ would cover Rain.GO’S mustache turns me totally off so I don’t love any of his looks lol.

Ironic how a bunch of people are now covering 2PM’s song. I never knew DBSK was against SS501 o___________o lol something about them makes me laugh, they’re doing really well though. I’m happy they song too (: Hyun Seung’s voice, OMG SO SOFT, HE’S TOO CUTE. OMG YO SEOB’S hair.

BEAST (Bad Girl) – mmmhmm..something about Gi Kwang’s stares make me lured in. I love the start of the song. I’ve learned to cope with it so I’m not tired of this song anymore lol.

MBLAQ (Oh Yeah) – Unestimated them a lot but ever since I saw them on Taeyeon’s radio, I’ve fallen in love. Sorta got their names down but after a few variety shows, I’ll totally get it down xD kay I lied; i totaly forgot their names. I probably only know GO. His voice is really amazing. I love it. I saw Rain’s vid on the choreo yesterday, I give them a lot of props for what they do xD


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F. T Triple – “Love Letter” MV


Credit: allkpop @ youtube

the vocals ♥ I love the whole mv, Jaejin’s hair is amazing. I’m glad he ditched the nerd haircut. He looked best with the blue plaid I think. It made him look handsome. The rap was really cool,  I like how they would show their faces. Jonghun’s headband <3 I love the scenery, must’ve taken them a while lol.

btw, this is ‘Two Date’ a seperate project from ‘One Date’ from the full album ‘Double Date’

only 20,000 copies, so idk how everyone will get one D;


F. T Triple – “Love Letter” MV Teaser


Credit: jinnienomuyeppo02 @ youtube

reminds me of Triple S ;D

So on this subgroup Jonghun’s on piano (OMGGGG <3) Jaejin’s doing vocals & guitar, and Minhwan on drums. Jaejin has a really nice voice so I’m glad he got to do the singing ;DDDDDDDDDDD idk what Seunghyun would be up to..but Hongki has You’re Beautiful to be filming.

hehe, there’s a girl in this MV and I think they’re all singing about her. Jaejin’s vocals hehe ;) they sound very mellow. Jonghun’s headband looks real cute.


F.T Island – “Lie”


Credit: mrjenpoo @ youtube

I’m gonna start adding the period if you haven’t noticed. I was always lazy but finally managed to. They just released a japanese single and now coming back with a korean. no break? ):

Seunghyun’s rap is really good and its my fave part of the song too. The piano is always what I love most too. It kind of gives off a really sad tune to it ;DDDD


FT Island – “Raining” MV


Credit: jinnienomuyeppo02 @ youtube

The mv is so beautiful that it makes me act all teary. I like Jaejin’s hair it’s perfect for him and his little bow tie ♥ Jonghun on the piano was pretty cute and his headphones ;) Seunghyun looks ridiculous good. Hongki’s voice ♥ There’s like a billion things that make this MV beautiful. Seungyun’s ponytail, normally I don’t like them on guys but he broke the whole rule for me. The chorus is amazing. Minhwan omg !, dudee why are they all so hot ?!

I like the scenery too. They chose like a random building and just gaze somewhre making it look so sexy. I like Jaejin’s part where he’s just throwing away the umbrella. I love his voice, he flows so well during the chorus. i’m glad it’s not just Hongki singing most of it this time ;) The umbrella looked like it was just floating in the air (; The whole ‘theme’ of the music video was like grey but not like super black and white and it looked freakin nice. I like the ending solo shots of them just gazing down. Jonghun’s stare makes me mesmorized. The last piano bit was amazing <3


Laugh of the day – Hongki does SNSD’s Genie (Fancam)


Credit: raine210 @ youtube

Turn the volume up first cause you can barely hear em.

Hongki’s in the white pants with the long blonde hair. Lmao he should stick to singing. period.  But then again, this reminds me a lot of my own dancing.

He’s doing his own thing and it’s crackin me up !!!!! You cna see the front people pick it up really quick but he’s having the toughest time ever. And he’s in heels lmao =) What the hell was that at 1 : 23 LOLLLLL <3 According to my smartness, i’m sure that was not part of the acual dance.

Oh boy they sure need a lot more training.