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Mario & K Will – “Chocolate”


Credit: urasiansourcekpop @ youtube

I love the title, and at first I was thinkin American Mario lol. that would’ve been nice either way. but I’ve never heard of this Mario ; maybe he just came back? I love K Will’s voice, and then his rapping  just makes the song even cuter.  I hope they perform this song.


090810 Maybee Radio – K Will ft Jay


Credit: yanaftwtwo @ youtube

lol I guess Jay just came back? He looks thin lol, not like he was fat before just a little less of him. kajima, kajima.. JAEBUM lol. lol he’s so cute xD Didn’t he like rap in this before? I don’t think i watched it though. mmm his raps :) he should rap for Navi again <3