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091101 Inkigayo


Credit: shineeworldtaemin @ youtube

I thought I’d just cram this along (: Taec and Wooyoung loo super deliciouso, and I love how the mc’s just starin at them. They also sing “Bad Girl” omgg too cute ;) It’s good to seee them back even hotter.

Now onto the Ring Ding Dong perf. I’m glad they didn’t cut Jonghyun’s part out, I love what they’re all wearing too. Key’s whatever sweater is really hot, I’m sure Onew wore that yesterday. I love the little head move he did at the end of his part. Onew’s looking really hot, and he’s sorta smiling so I’m happy. Taemin’s hair T__________T Jonghyun <3 Gosh i love his head snap and the face wipe. Minho didn’t tie his hair today, I miss it lol. Lol, you get to see Minho’s butt shot, his is so small (:

THEY WON AGAIN !!! I kind of wanted SS501 to win, but SHINee deserves it too. I don’t think they’ll ever cry again though, even though we’re all waiting for them to tear up. The crew get to touch Onew at the end D;

SS501 -Not approving of Hyun Joon’s hair again. Kyu Jong’s lookin pretty hot. Jung Min sorta makes me really omg *_________* everytime he says “hey girl” I love the outfits so much, I wish Hyun Joong’s hair grew back, it was looking really good.


091023 Music Bank


SS501 – They look a lil tired. Mainly Hyun Joong’s first dance sorta..was not hyper ish. He looked really out of it basically. I love how the screeen in the back matches what they’re doing (: omg Hyun Joon’s hair is killin me. I kind of miss Hyun Joong’s hair all over his face D;

BEAST – I love the whole black and white going on. omg leader and magnae interaction at the end (: they’re too cute, omg they’re like the new IN couple.

MBLAQ – I love the choreo (: I lost all their names so yeah. The Hongki look alike is so hot.

F. T Triple – hehe, they have their own special chant already (: wth is Minhwan wearing ~ it’s like half ogre and half Shrek inspired. Jaejin’s matching a lot though. Poor Minhwan, have to hold the mic and drum. Jaejin’s legs are so small, they make me jealous ;______;

Hwanhee – He injured his knee last week, yet he still managed to film this or maybe this was before…? He’s a really cool performer, takes music like his life and still manages to perform. His vocals weren’t the best but I don’t blame him for anything. I cringed in the chorus thinking he’d leap, thank gawd he didn’t :O

SHINee – Aw, they cut out Jonghyun’s part ;________________; it was my fave too. WTH IS JONGHYUN WEARING ?! Man it’s like not his shining day because he got cut out, and he wears the worst outfit. On the other hand, Onew looks freakin good. Fans love Jonghyun’s head snap and the face wipe, omg I do too *__________* I love the rap so much  <3 expecially that autotune thing that Key mouths after his rap :)

SHINee Winning – It looked like they were so out of it/tired. Jonghyun looked like he was going to cry, but he didn’t lol. Onew’s speech was weird.. Taemin’s super excited he won.



091025 Inkigayo


So many performances today ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD including ss501’s comeback stage. Kim Tae Woo won this week, (2nd time)

SS501 -yay, they did Only One Day ;DDDD, Kyu Jong’s tooo hot omgggggggggg (: Hyun Joong’s vocals aren’t the best here though, man the makeup makes him look super tired.  I never saw the beginning post for Love like This. Man the cheers are freakin loud. I thought magnae was naked DD; I love the stage. I’m not digging the inside shirts, makes him look a tattooed everywhere. Everytime they say hey girl ~ I think the fans should stay, hey boy ~

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SS501 – ‘Rebirth’ Album Review


Oh hot damn, I think Friday’s the day where I’m doing reviews then.

This is late lol, but omg I just had to listen to it after seeing the teaser. I like their new concept, with the smokey eye and the whole punk rock thing going on. But some of their hairs can be better off not slicked ;______;


most of the links that I was looking for were deleted ): so I’m glad I found at least one left.

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SS501 – “Love like This” MV Teaser


Credit: hoonfami @ youtube

mmm, it’s my first time liistening to this song so I’m sorry lol. I should’ve listened to the whole album but I still have to listen to Hwanhee’s too DDD;

I actually like the song, minus Hyun Joong’s hair. Auto tone doesn’t bother me, but it just makes me want the live even more. Their looks as far as guyliner is sexy, even more than the actual photos.


SS501 – ‘Rebirth’ Photojacket Photos


Tee hee, I like what i’m seeing. Everything from Hyun Joong’s moobs to Kyu’s sexiness. I kind of don’t like his first photo but the second one was really hot. I like the whole guyliner look too (: They’re not bleaching their hair and adding tattoos so that’s nice. I can’t wait for their comeback ;)


Kim Hyun Joong & Lee Minho in SOFF Photobook


The book costs $100 and includes a DVD too. I think that’s a little bit too much lol. But idk, if you like photos of them and you’re obsessed then it’s right for you. I think the photos are really cute too. Especially Minho with the kid sticking out his tongue. Hyun Joong’s photos look hot. His face looks full of makeup and makes him look more angelic. Minho looks tan? :) They’re both really pretty guys though.