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Preview Invincible Youth


Credit: smoothyeco1st @ youtube

If you haven’t known, this show is sorta like family outing, only it’s mostly based on the girl members of the popular idol groups. haha Hyomin’s on this show and I love her so much. Aw it’s sad to see Yuri cry at the end ):


091018 Inkigayo


Taec and Wooyoung return as MCS <33333333 Wooyoung’s hair damn…it looks so mushroom like. Taec’s hair looks darker so he must’ve dyed it ;)

SHINee – yay they got to perform again ;) they have those ear mics, lol i have no clue what it’s called. But idk, it could either be a plus or minus to you. Jonghyun’s wearing his bird pimp coat. I sorta like it….minus the feathers. But I love that it’s white, it makes him sparkle from the others haha using my Twilight vocabulary. I love Key’s butterly hehe, even though I’ve said that like way too much. Oh my gosh and Onew smiled too ! He’s so cute lol. I think he had to restrain himself though lol. Taemin’s really growing on me and it’s sad to see him look so mature and wear pants that are like half my size. It sucks that Minho doesn’t get alot of camera time besides his rap but he works it !

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091017 Music Core


Everything pre recorded a week ago and finally aired today !

Wheesung – Music Core always has like the strangest stages. I don’t like what he’s wearing. And the dancers lmao, they make me crack up. I don’t like the stage but I closed my eyes and I love the singing ;)

Kara – omg their goodbye stage is tomorrow ! They’re having glow in the dark pants, omggg so cool. I kind of like that than remixes. Funny how they do the butt dance in the dark.. I like what they’re wearing too. The shirts are really cute.

Epik High – AWWW, they look extra hyper. I like the dancers did you see the dancer behind Mithra doing that pimp face haha. The disco ball looks really pretty. It’ll suck to not see them perform all together for two years )*:

Supernova and T-ara


091015 M! Countdown


Mc Mong

I was so not gonna watch this cuz it said horror show but gave it a try :D

Just in time for halloween ;) The beginning graphics freaked me out so bad. Mc Mong always has the best performances and he does lol. I like the choreo and the whole set, he sure took a lot of work to planning this out.

MBLAQ – Hehe you see rain at the beginning and his abs are really hot but I think he lost them after his knee injury. I was really excited to see them perform and I don’t think I got disappointed. Wth are they wearing though. I like the dancing sorta. The first singer resembled Hongki in a way and then I kept staring at him and he looks really cute. The guy with the mustache has a good singing voice.  I like what the rapper guy’s wearing – half black half white. The song isn’t the best to show off their vocals and they’re not at the best yet either but very much improving soon. I’m sure Rain chose the right guys ;) so I’m not going to doubt it one bit.

Lee Hyun and Wheesung – Both are really good vocalists ;) Wheesung did this song a long time ago and now Lee Hyun’s joining. I like both of their voices and when they sing together, it’s perfect. They should release an album together.

Wheesung –  :) I like the falling stars in the background. The choreo is really easy to dance to but it’s not like i’d try it out.. Wheesung looks a bit darker too. lmao the crotch grab, the girls did it and I laughed like crazy. I’m so mature hehe. It looks so magical when the  stage is all bright, I was expecting the band to appear.

Kara’s Goodbye Stage

Supernova & T-ara


Laugh of the Day… 091003 Star King Chuseok Special – SHINee & 2AM Cut


Credit: TessLoveMusic1 @ youtube

I’ve been meaning to watch this but now there’s no excuse cuz it’s subbed ;)

Boom and Kwon dance to My Ear’s candy, I love them lol and I like the earrings  (; good play on words lol Kwon’s sure working his grinding very well with Boom. Taemin does his facial expressions and um, he’s getting really good and making all the nunas really giddy. omg Minho as the pharaoh. The backup ppl are really good. lol he’s such a cute fail tryin to say he’s the pharaoh. I love Key’s expression ;) goodness the girls try to dance with him and um, really AWKWARD THERE. I’M GETTIN ALL AWKWARD MYSELF. He tries to like move his eyes away lol, what a cute boy (: Ho Dong lol, tryin to carry him. This robot lady comes out again and I remember seeing her back in another ep. she’s freakin me out :O omg I just realized she’s in a snow white outfit ;))) Taemin as the prince omgggggg <3 Jealous ); lmao when he tries to dance with her, it’s all slow. GAWD I JUST WANNA HUG HIM RIGHT NOW. He asks for another kiss OMGGGGG LIPS LIPS LIPS NO WAY. >.< lol i love the elderly lady rapping.


091008 M! Countdown


Bada – Sometimes I find her looking like me only way older lol. She looks pretty, she’s not slathering on layers of makeup. It’s a pity Taec couldn’t join her ); I love this song too, and she looks good. I like her english too lol, it might not be perfect but I can understand some of it =)

4Minute – The song hasn’t been boring to me yet lol. The girl’s wearing CL’s shirt and people are like omgg CL’s shirt ! I like their black leggings with heels look though. I think it’s classy and cute. Hyunah’s hair..I have no clue what her real hair is.

T-ara & Supernova – I think the two groups should date each other lol. I don’t even care if there’s a remainder, include them all ! They look good together and sound amazing. The song’s super catchy, they should totally win this week.

Kara – I like their colorful sweats =)

Taegoon – He looks like he’s wearing eyeliner but I can’t tell cuz his sexy hair is in the way. I like the stage and his name is like huge in the back. I don’t dig his blue sweater/cloak whatever. He should’ve gone with the sexy black suit. I love 1 : 10 and onwards where he does that move right when the music resumes.

On a side note, I’m dying to get his album gaze at the photos in his album but i’m broke  ! I’m a little sad but Chrismas is around the corner along with my birthday 3 days after that =)


090926 Inkigayo


SORRRY, I’ve been out partying and stuff, so I’ve only managed to watch two performances ):


Finally got to see him perform this as promotion ;) I read somewhere that he’ll be promoting like 5 more songs so we might see him until the end of the year. I really like the song and everything.

T-ara ft Taegoon

He took the place of Supernova, but it looks really awkward to me. 4 girls and one guy, but he dances realy well. You can’t even hear his voice really clear but I like him rapping. He should rap more songs ;) haha when he was close with Hyomin; omgg awkward lol. Like he didn’t wanna touch her.