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Taegoon – Change the World


Credit: 2yunnie206 @ youtube

OMG finally I get to see something related to Taegoon ;) It’s cool how he’s so cute, and smiley and his voice is so full of sex. he calls Jae btw lol.




091017 Dream Forest Concert Performances


It was like on the 17 but delayed cause of the baseball game. There wasn’t Music Bank today too yay (:

F(X) – Wow, there’s like a billion of people out there. They sound good lol, but the music in the background is like louder than usual to me. I’ve never noticed Sulli’s ponytail was so freakin’ curly. They look super happy too (: lmao, when they panned over to that fan; she’s a huge fan isn’t she :DDD hehe, Amber gets like the loudest cheers.

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091009 Music Bank


Only postin up performances I had a time to watch –

Wheesung’s comeback today ! ;))))))))

Taegoon – He sounds a lot better than the other performances and he’s lookin pretty hot. The vneck is killing me, omggg I love it. I like the white and the black glove. But the pants seem a little tight down there. The lights sort of bothered me a lot and started pissing me off. I’m starting to wonder why no one’s chanting with him geesh. I remember the call me ! call me ! days.

F(X) – First thingI noticed was Sulli’s not smiling )*: I wonder if she’s tired or sick. Luna’s so skinny, I’m jealous of her flat stomach. I actually love this performance the best. They’re getting a hang of things and some of them sure look tired.

Wheesung’s comeback – I was really looking forward to this but I wasn’t disappointed at all. now for my spazzing ~

I like the beginning, omg it’s like rain and then he comes out of somewhere. Dude I love what he’s wearing. And his hair is the best. He’s singing really good live. I practically can hum the whole song ;) and it’s been like two days since I’ve listened to it non stop.  I like the choreo and the background is really beautiful. After a while he sounds just like the record man. I like the bridge where it’s just him singing and then the light comes down. Then you see like the whole band come like out of nowhere O_O It kind of freaked me out but the it looks really cool. If they were like having a cool light shine on them, it might look like angels ;)

Wheesung’s back !


091008 M! Countdown


Bada – Sometimes I find her looking like me only way older lol. She looks pretty, she’s not slathering on layers of makeup. It’s a pity Taec couldn’t join her ); I love this song too, and she looks good. I like her english too lol, it might not be perfect but I can understand some of it =)

4Minute – The song hasn’t been boring to me yet lol. The girl’s wearing CL’s shirt and people are like omgg CL’s shirt ! I like their black leggings with heels look though. I think it’s classy and cute. Hyunah’s hair..I have no clue what her real hair is.

T-ara & Supernova – I think the two groups should date each other lol. I don’t even care if there’s a remainder, include them all ! They look good together and sound amazing. The song’s super catchy, they should totally win this week.

Kara – I like their colorful sweats =)

Taegoon – He looks like he’s wearing eyeliner but I can’t tell cuz his sexy hair is in the way. I like the stage and his name is like huge in the back. I don’t dig his blue sweater/cloak whatever. He should’ve gone with the sexy black suit. I love 1 : 10 and onwards where he does that move right when the music resumes.

On a side note, I’m dying to get his album gaze at the photos in his album but i’m broke  ! I’m a little sad but Chrismas is around the corner along with my birthday 3 days after that =)


090926 Inkigayo


SORRRY, I’ve been out partying and stuff, so I’ve only managed to watch two performances ):


Finally got to see him perform this as promotion ;) I read somewhere that he’ll be promoting like 5 more songs so we might see him until the end of the year. I really like the song and everything.

T-ara ft Taegoon

He took the place of Supernova, but it looks really awkward to me. 4 girls and one guy, but he dances realy well. You can’t even hear his voice really clear but I like him rapping. He should rap more songs ;) haha when he was close with Hyomin; omgg awkward lol. Like he didn’t wanna touch her.


090924 Taegoon – “Betrayed” M! Countdown


Credit: itstimeforTARA @ youtube

Finally spamming about Taegoon sorta haha. I love him :) the stage was really nice although that’s not my fave thing he ever wore. But I do think his singing is improving from the others. His dancing…still hot as usual xD


090924 Taegoon – Hero Special


Credit: dailykpopnews1 @ youtube

Oh I love Rain and miss that song a lot. I like that Taegoon did this song, wasn’t he called the second Rain too. haha, I love what he’s wearing and his smile. OMGGGGG THAT’S TO DIE FOR. The song was pretty mellow so it probably wasn’t really hard for him to dance to and sing along to at the same time