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091017 Music Core


Everything pre recorded a week ago and finally aired today !

Wheesung – Music Core always has like the strangest stages. I don’t like what he’s wearing. And the dancers lmao, they make me crack up. I don’t like the stage but I closed my eyes and I love the singing ;)

Kara – omg their goodbye stage is tomorrow ! They’re having glow in the dark pants, omggg so cool. I kind of like that than remixes. Funny how they do the butt dance in the dark.. I like what they’re wearing too. The shirts are really cute.

Epik High – AWWW, they look extra hyper. I like the dancers did you see the dancer behind Mithra doing that pimp face haha. The disco ball looks really pretty. It’ll suck to not see them perform all together for two years )*:

Supernova and T-ara


091015 M! Countdown


Mc Mong

I was so not gonna watch this cuz it said horror show but gave it a try :D

Just in time for halloween ;) The beginning graphics freaked me out so bad. Mc Mong always has the best performances and he does lol. I like the choreo and the whole set, he sure took a lot of work to planning this out.

MBLAQ – Hehe you see rain at the beginning and his abs are really hot but I think he lost them after his knee injury. I was really excited to see them perform and I don’t think I got disappointed. Wth are they wearing though. I like the dancing sorta. The first singer resembled Hongki in a way and then I kept staring at him and he looks really cute. The guy with the mustache has a good singing voice.  I like what the rapper guy’s wearing – half black half white. The song isn’t the best to show off their vocals and they’re not at the best yet either but very much improving soon. I’m sure Rain chose the right guys ;) so I’m not going to doubt it one bit.

Lee Hyun and Wheesung – Both are really good vocalists ;) Wheesung did this song a long time ago and now Lee Hyun’s joining. I like both of their voices and when they sing together, it’s perfect. They should release an album together.

Wheesung –  :) I like the falling stars in the background. The choreo is really easy to dance to but it’s not like i’d try it out.. Wheesung looks a bit darker too. lmao the crotch grab, the girls did it and I laughed like crazy. I’m so mature hehe. It looks so magical when the  stage is all bright, I was expecting the band to appear.

Kara’s Goodbye Stage

Supernova & T-ara


Wheesung – “Trickling” MV


Credit: lemonlove9 @ youtube

Ji Sung ;) omg he looks so cute in the MV laying on the bed. G Dragon much? The mv is supposed to be sad though.

I’ll describe the events as best as I could x)

He gets ready and walks into a store and picks up some flowers while the girl is like at another store. A cube of sugar is dropped into his coffee and he looks like he’s waiting for her to arrive. Then she finally does omgg so cute ;) but guess what, it’s not true ! The girl isn’t her and for some reason he gets up and starts crying when she leaves ); the MV is so confusing ): aw they have like a bunch of memories at the same restaurant and you get why they’re wearing the same rings. Aw they break up DDDDDD; why? he’s such a good guy ):  Poor guy DDDDD; he just stands there in the rain while another guy picks her up, OMGGGGGG I’M GETTIN TEARY.

It’s kind of a pity that Wheesung didn’t star in the MV, it’s not like I wanted to see him get dumped but maybe he could be the person that she breaks up for? ;)

I’ll try to upload the video with eng translations but for now there isn’t


091010 Dream Concert


I’ve been sick for the past two days so I’ve been slacking off and haven’t posted anything.

There were pictures that I was uploading but then my mom came in and got me all pissed and I screwed up and all my pictures were deleted so i don’t have any photos to upload.

So now, I’m not like in the mood and if someone even comes in my room and tells me something; I might just beat them up for no reason and most likely it’ll have to be my idiotic cousin who’s sittin 2 inches away from my face asking me “watcha doing?” for the past hour !

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Wheesung – “Trickling” MV Teaser


Credit: typicalpocky @ youtube

Nothin is better than an MV for a beautiful song ;)

Ji Sung’s in it ;)))))))))) he’s like my fave actor since the day I saw him and I don’t really see him on any dramas anymore ); that or maybe I just haven’t watched any yet =/

The MV is super sad cause it’s like a typica sad love story ): And Ji Sung’s really good at acting so it breaks my heart to see him cry. I still have to look up the lyrics because I don’t wanna act so clueless.


091009 Music Bank


Only postin up performances I had a time to watch –

Wheesung’s comeback today ! ;))))))))

Taegoon – He sounds a lot better than the other performances and he’s lookin pretty hot. The vneck is killing me, omggg I love it. I like the white and the black glove. But the pants seem a little tight down there. The lights sort of bothered me a lot and started pissing me off. I’m starting to wonder why no one’s chanting with him geesh. I remember the call me ! call me ! days.

F(X) – First thingI noticed was Sulli’s not smiling )*: I wonder if she’s tired or sick. Luna’s so skinny, I’m jealous of her flat stomach. I actually love this performance the best. They’re getting a hang of things and some of them sure look tired.

Wheesung’s comeback – I was really looking forward to this but I wasn’t disappointed at all. now for my spazzing ~

I like the beginning, omg it’s like rain and then he comes out of somewhere. Dude I love what he’s wearing. And his hair is the best. He’s singing really good live. I practically can hum the whole song ;) and it’s been like two days since I’ve listened to it non stop.  I like the choreo and the background is really beautiful. After a while he sounds just like the record man. I like the bridge where it’s just him singing and then the light comes down. Then you see like the whole band come like out of nowhere O_O It kind of freaked me out but the it looks really cool. If they were like having a cool light shine on them, it might look like angels ;)

Wheesung’s back !


Wheesung – Vocalate


Credit: urnobody919 @ youtube

ADORE THE SONG OMFG. i love it and the part where he does that thing with his mouth haha idk what it’s called. Sorta like humming ? idk it sounds really nice with his voice. This album has a total of 12 tracks. His comeback stage is on the 9th so watch out !

My review of the full album under :

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