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Preorder SHINee’s ‘Ring Ding Dong’ & “Get Down” Teaser


Credit: weareshining01 @ youtube

Gosh, now they decide to call it Ring Ding Dong T___________________________T

Anyways, this is Minho’s sorta rap teaser. I like it ;))))))) I don’t think they ever released an album with their own solos so I’m excited (: I have no clue who the vocalist is.

Preorder by clicking this link

01. Y.O.U.(Year Of Us)
02. Ring Ding Dong
03. Jo Jo
04. Get Down
05. SHINee Girl
06. 내가 사랑했던 이름


4Minute’s Dance


Credit:  wintersunuds @ youtube

I thought it was AJ from B2ST. But no, it’s another choreographer. I think he speaks Korean (?) to them. Just notice outside, it’s like pitch black which means it’s sooo late at night. Can’t believe the shades girl is still wearing her shades. The dance is really catchy too. I’m amazed at how choreographers are able to do that.

Here’s the original MV with the move at 1 : 35


Tributes to Jay !


I only found these tributes so far. Link more please if you see another one ! Thanks so much.

Tribute #1 – Aw I like this tribute a lot. First one I watched so it’s yeah lol. I’m recapping when I’m watching too so bear with me. I love his voice, and his singing, English, sexy body, everything. Seeing them all dance together is making me teary. Then they show a fail movement of their leader and it’s so cute and bring back memories. Look at all those fans =/ Looking at them from the beginning with his crazy hair and now them with Again and Again. Agree totally that this is not a goodbye at all.  The ending where they all say 2PM.

Tribute #2 – Aw, I never stalked Jay all the way back to trainee days so it’s something new for me to look back. He was still so fit back then. The background music is totally ironic. I love him so much, him and his bboying. Hot Blood clips are next and he looks pale. His hair has changed so much lmao. His shaved sides are so cute. And his signature ripping of the shirt :) Wooyoung and Jay cuople. I love the facial expression game too. I miss those abs ); What hit me the most was lmao the dance clip. And his cheap dances to get a discount. Last clip made me cry ;D he’s such a cutie

Tribute #3 – Love the song and yes it’s Only You, Jay. And then Idol Army with SNSD, yes his abs are hot. LMAOO Boom says “Are the abs coming out?” and yes he does show em. I love his failness. Hyunah’s dance with him, I remember that; it was hot and yes it’s his grinding that makes it so hot. Love his fail dance.


Kim Hyun Joong & Lee Minho in SOFF Photobook


The book costs $100 and includes a DVD too. I think that’s a little bit too much lol. But idk, if you like photos of them and you’re obsessed then it’s right for you. I think the photos are really cute too. Especially Minho with the kid sticking out his tongue. Hyun Joong’s photos look hot. His face looks full of makeup and makes him look more angelic. Minho looks tan? :) They’re both really pretty guys though.