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Henry’s Surprise Birthday Party


Credit: sment @ youtube

omg guys happy halloween !!!! I had the best day yesterday (Oct 30) with liltwilliee and everyone else (:

Now onto Henry’s birthday :) This was like a while ago so it’s weird they posted it now… that or they just wanted us to feel loved.


Hyuk’s the camera man probably, and I see Jonghyun in the black hoodie, Minho (possibly) in the black cap. Zhou Mi’s in the white hoodie. They don’t sing happy birthday, instead they say, “Sowoneul malhaebwa, Genie for your wish” lmao. Donghae screams like so loud right in Henry’s face.  and then smashes the cake into Henry’s face xD gawd, I love that guy.  Aw, Jonghyun’s clinging onto Henry. Teuk’s like a creep at the end, looking like he’s about to lick that cake off his face (;


Laughs of the Day – Key & HyukNa’s Dance


Key’s nose picking – such a cute innocent boy, I’m surprised I never saw pics of that lol. He does explain that it’s not that he sticks his finger up his nose. Hehe, true, i do that a lot too. omg his hair is perfect, but why does it look so bad during their performances. Onew omg, he looks like a hot nerd that came out of drama school. Taemin’s hair  urgh T__________T

Hyuk and Hyuna’s Dance – lol, MY EAR’S CANDY ;) Shindong and that girl show us how it’s done and then they try (: Teuk’s so jealous ;DDDDDDDDD lol the way he does the saranghae is too cute omggg he’s such a dork !!!  Teuk’s a big failure too lol.


Preview Heechul – “ChoByul”


Credit: typicalpocky @ youtube

Ahhh, it doesn’t sound like him at all. Or maybe it is just not what I ever heard. I think it was part of a CF that’s why you hear so many weird people saying stuff.

I like the song though, official release on November 4th, stay tuned !


Laugh of the Day – JoKwon vs Brian


Credit: typicalpocky @ youtube

hehe it’s Strong Heart (: and look at LSG omgg he looks good.  Did you see the pics of his new apartment, it was around 2 million bucks so sweet. But it looked really amazing, i wish I could live there with him.

Anyways moving onto the funny clip ;  Kwon starts off with a big diva face, and Brian tries to copy lmao ! Hyuk and Shindong are also on the show  <3 lol and he starts singing a song and he makes it all his style. What a cutie (: He gets to sing A friend’s Confession and I sitll love that song. I wish they would still promote it. I love how he’s so serious and then Gee comes up lol and his surprised face. LSG omfg.  haha his dance never gets old though. Too bad Brian wanted to take his diva crown and challenged him. omgg you never do that to Kwon. I never knew Jang Nara had an ear piercing :O  omgg and Brian does single ladies. Why’s he so cute ?! but Kwon won’t give up (: haha i love his damn legs but wth is he wearing on his feet.

I say both are tied <33


Zhang Li Yin – “Sunny Day, Rainy Day” MV


Credit: niewinnish @ youtube

fml, I have two essays to type up ;______________________________;

AW afjdkjkjfkeljkjerkjrekjekjk T_______________T this isn’t even like a proper MV. Damn SM for being so shady to her DDD;

No storyline to the mv either which sucks cause I’m not a person who likes staring at Donghae cuddle with another person, besides Hyuk ;)))  I’m so not happy, it’s just like the Seaside MV for (i’m going blank) On the bright side, she’s super pretty and the song is amazing.


Happy Birthday, Donghae <33333333333333 !



KAY SO IMMA SPAZZ OMFGGGGG. IT’S HIS BIRTHDAY OMGG OMG OMG OMG. If you can’t tell, I’m infatuated with him and if he asked me to marry him, I’d do it in a heartbeat just cause i’m crazy like that ;) I didn’t know till I came home so lmao, I’m such a bad fan ):

But um yeah and he’s 23 already, wow. He looks so young though.  :)))))))))

And now a wonderful picture of him –



091010 Dream Concert


I’ve been sick for the past two days so I’ve been slacking off and haven’t posted anything.

There were pictures that I was uploading but then my mom came in and got me all pissed and I screwed up and all my pictures were deleted so i don’t have any photos to upload.

So now, I’m not like in the mood and if someone even comes in my room and tells me something; I might just beat them up for no reason and most likely it’ll have to be my idiotic cousin who’s sittin 2 inches away from my face asking me “watcha doing?” for the past hour !

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